Hi! I hope that you’re not even reading my blog right now because you’re relaxing so deeply at the pool or beach.

I’m still in syndication here, but if you want to read something completely new, I’ve recently guest-blogged a couple of times for my friend Wade at Birmingham Blogging.  They’re pretty geektastic, so read at your own risk.  But if you’re a blogger, they’re full of blogging/Pinterest information, so here are the links: How to Create Graphics to Help Your Posts on Pinterest, and Three Hacks to Track Your Site’s Pinterest Stats.

But for here, today, I found this post that I didn’t even remember happening.  Given my recent post about not blogging Ali stories as much, it was a particularly fun find.

Originally posted February 18, 2010.

We all know that Mommies get no privacy. And this lack of privacy leads to…perplexing conversations.

I was getting dressed, as usual accompanied by my three-year-old sidekick.

When I finished, Ali calmly informed me,

“I think your chest is broken.”


“Your chest – it’s broken.”

“Where is it broken?”

She reaches up, pats me right where I feared she would, and says, “That…that is broken.”

“How is it broken?”

“Because…” …she moves onto other things, and I’m left wondering how I managed to break my chest.

A few minutes later, I sit down to help her get dressed. She leans over me, pulls my shirt open, peers down inside and says, “Yup, it’s broken.”

“Well how do I get it fixed, then?”

“That’s because Daddy fixes it.”

“How does Daddy fix it?”

“That’s because he works it.”

“He WORKS IT? How does he work it?”

“That’s because he’s happy.”

And I…am still left speechless.

10 thoughts on “That’s Because Daddies Fix Everything.

  1. Did you ever figure out what she was referring to?? Maybe she thought women are supposed to have a uni-boob and your cleavage was a crack? That is so funny-though I think it would have driven me mad!

    1. I think that must have been it. It makes sense – her chest is flat all the way across. Why shouldn’t Mommy’s be, too, despite the considerable size differentiation?

    2. uni-boob!! wat a word!!
      Of all the “cracks” and digs taken at boobs.. this ‘crack in the uni-boob’ was the best!! lol!!

  2. HA! i hope you’re enjoying sitting on a beach or pool. we went yesterday, only to have to leave early due to a thunderstorm. and no fireworks tomorrow since there are already like 4 fires out here.

  3. LOL!!! haha haha hah ahah hahah h!!
    Wow. How do you manage to keep cool when she asks such questions.. must be quite a task to know exactly what to sayand when to say it… I need to start practicing my mind from now on!

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