The following events transpired on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, long before the Christmas Police would approve.  Suspects are now in custody.

There’s Clark…


There’s Clark’s Assistant…


There’s Clark’s Wanna-Be Assistant…


(And Admirer)


(And Taste-Tester)


There’s plenty of time to waste while Clark works.

Climbing trees…


Getting stuck in trees…




Jumping in giant leaf piles…


Hating giant leaf piles…


Sucking all of the fun out of giant leaf piles…


And admiring a job well done.


It’s beautiful, Clark.



18 thoughts on “My Griswold.

    1. I think it was the other way around – she loved them until I put him in them and he screamed the whole time. He also hates grass. He is, apparently, not my nature lover.

  1. “Is your house on fire, Clark?” “No, Aunt Bethany. Those are the Christmas lights.” – great movie. Beautiful job on the lights!

  2. I can’t believe how fall it looks there! Look at all those leaves… We still have FLOWERS blooming on our trees!!! Gonna be 78 tomorrow. Sheesh! Then I think it is going to cool down to 65ish. We’ll be freezing! Gotta get some firewood :)

  3. Okay… So what’s the movie? Inquiring minds want to know!

    Lovely lights- we’ll have to post pictures of ours soon. Around here (Ottawa, ON, Canada) lights go up early because no one wants to do it in the snow or freezing cold (not that either are a problem this year!) But it’s a “rule” that you shouldn’t turn them on until after Remembrance day. And purists think Dec 1.

    We always wait until Advent though. Then the decorations come down again at Epiphany :)

    1. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I despise it – don’t watch it!!

      We don’t have Remembrance Day or Epiphany. What are these holidays?

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