See the indigenous blogger, trapped like a ravenous wild dog in a one foot cage, slowly losing her mind.  See her as she begins talking to her child’s balloon, wishing in vain that it was a Volleyball with a face painted on it.

This blogger is on her third day of having no power.  This tragic and hazardous environmental condition is a sad result of Tropical Storm Lee’s violent winds and rain that ravaged her village on Monday, knocking down countless trees and power lines.

One would think that living four hours inland would protect this blogger from tropical storms and such, but one would be wrong.

See that she has begun to lose hope.  The elusive sighting of an Alabama Power Bucket Truck has become her Loch Ness Monster, her proof of WMDs – she’s quit believing that it could ever actually happen.  She has even almost quit jumping up and running to the window when she hears a diesel engine, because the crushing disappointment of seeing the FedEx man instead is too much to bear.

This indigenous blogger is not nearly as bad off as she could be, though, thanks to the help of a small generator.  The Scientists studying the habits of the indigenous blogger have been able to discern a lot about their needs by observing what the generator is being used to power: the refrigerator, the coffeemaker, one light, a cell phone charger, her child’s noisemaker, and wi-fi.

Watch the blogger as she paces in front of her full and beginning-to-smell dishwasher, wishing there was some way to hook it up to the generator.

See the blogger as she tears at her clothes and gnashes her teeth, refusing the idea of washing the dishes by hand.

Turn away from your computer screen so that you don’t see the blogger pluck a dirty spoon out of the dishwasher with which to stir her coffee.

Watch the blogger’s misery as her inbox piles up and her comments go unanswered.  The guilt – oh, the guilt.

Observe the blogger as she slowly wilts away, the darkness of her home grabbing her and engulfing her…



17 thoughts on “The Nature Channel Presents: The Blogger in Peril.

  1. You have a generator? OK, no more feeling sorry for you! If you want sympathy, you can look in the dictionary. It’s right there between “suicide” and “syphilis.”

    j/k of course! ;-)

  2. three words for your dear hubby……FULL.HOUSE.GENERATOR.

    of course, I think you should contact someone and ask them to sponsor you as a trial for the neighborhood. I bet you could sell alot of them!!

    1. Actually, pretty much everyone in our neighborhood already has one because our power goes out so often. We really do need to get one, but they’re EXPENSIVE!!!

  3. Oh I feel your pain. I am so sorry yours is still out. I felt like I was going to lose my mind at the end and you now have an additional 12 more hrs than I did. Too bad you can’t get a full house generator as an incentive from a company for blogging about it. Umm..maybe you should work on getting that deal before the next outage. :)

  4. The Alabama power trucks were here! We lost power – and water – for four days due to Hurricane Irene (Maryland – on the Chesapeake Bay) and it was Alabama power who restored my neighborhood. That was a week ago, so they should be back in Alabama by now :-) And what is left of Lee is, at this very moment, drenching us with a thunderstorm.

  5. So sorry! I would liken this to going camping, but you KNOW when the camping trip is going to end and you’ll be back to civilization…

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