I swore that I would never do it.

Besides the commercials being completely and absolutely disturbing,

They were voted, by you, to be Mom Jeans.

And they are – Mom Jeans for Babies.


The washed denim – horrifically 80’s.


The Pocket Placement – deplorably Bill Blass-esque.

(If your pocket gets lost in a wedgie, you MIGHT be wearing Mom Diapers.)

But when Chris found out we were having a boy, he told me I had to do it at least once – I HAD to put him in Denim Diapers.

Stupid looking fake fly and all.

I held out as long as I could. But then my guilt got the best of me.
I ran out of diapers last week, and my order from Amazon wasn’t going to be in for a few days.

I scoured Target for a diaper price that wouldn’t make me shudder. There was one last box on the clearance endcap – denim in styling – they were apparently about to be discontinued for the season.


I sighed deeply.


I picked them up, squashing my inner Anti-Mom-Jeans screams of agony.

When I met up with Chris on the other side of the store, I announced my good deed, expecting great applause and appreciation.

“I did it. I finally did what you told me I had to. I got Denim Diapers.”

“What? I said that?”

“Yes. Don’t you remember? You told me I had to – just once.”

“Nope – I have no recollection of that. But now that you mention it…”


Sorry, son.


But at least Long Butt looks cute on you.

22 thoughts on “A Compromise of Morals.

  1. Oh, Rachel. Say it isn’t so. Please…just say it isn’t so! Hee hee! He still looks cute. Only Noah could successfully pull off that look.

  2. I do find it ridiculous that denim is the only color these diaper companies have come up with. I would buy a package of pink and purple colored diapers for my daughter….no need for a diaper cover with a dress. Perhaps the concern would be the dyes involved…i feel like the ad world is smart enough to find a way to get cute colored diapers..without going to faded denim. :)

    1. You know, I did see some cool designed diapers at Target earlier in the season… they had cute prints and stuff on them. But now I don’t know how to find them… I think they were Huggies, if that helps.

  3. I bought these a while ago and I just love them:) I save them for when my kid goes mostly naked so as to show them off better. That second to last photo looks like he is fed up with you taking pictures of him. You remind me that my camera has not seen much use…

    1. I think it is the age of the kid in question that bugs me. If he was crawling, maybe. But a two year old sauntering down the street pantsless? Disturbing.

  4. I LOVE these! I’m actually a little sad that W isn’t in diapers anymore because of these…well, not really. One of the greatest pictures I have of him he is sitting on his John Deere tractor in nothing but a denim diaper and a straw cowboy hat. Absolutely.hilarious! I think Noah looks pretty stinkin’ cute in them too :)

  5. I can’t believe you bought these! The idea is horrible yet he does actually look cute in them! Now, can he still fit in them by Halloween where you could add to the outfit? And of course, with all this weird weather, will it still be warm enough to go without pants in October?

  6. Lol, I think Noah makes them pretty darn cute! My sister-in-law got those for her little boy and dressed him up and did his hair like the baby in the commercial. It was awesome!

  7. Wow. Just… wow. So, I hadn’t actually watched -the commercial- until now. What got me: “I poo… in blue.” And of course, it had to be an Antonio Banderas lookalike voice. I don’t know whether to laugh or groan.

  8. My MIL bought a box for Jackson before he was born and is planning to give it to him for his first birthday. I shuddered when she excitedly told me of her plan. My poor son. Actually, my poor pride! :)

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