Meet Eli.

Eli happens to be Ali and Noah’s dashingly handsome cousin. He’s the perfect age of old enough to verbalize his opinions, yet young enough for them to be awesomely flawed.

So, it totally makes sense that, when he met Noah for the very first time, and that very first time happened to be Christmas day,

he made the honest mistake of assuming that Noah was Baby Jesus.

I mean, a brand new baby that you’ve never seen before all of a sudden shows up at your house on Christmas Day, what are you supposed to think?

(And the reindeer on Noah’s feet and butt didn’t help any, either. Obviously, Jesus and reindeer are tight – why else would they get such a posh job on His holiday?)

But after a few weeks of intensive therapy, we all thought that Eli had gotten over this idea. The new baby on the block was cousin NOAH (not to be confused with having an ark full of fabulous animals). Eli moved on, and seemed to accept that Jesus had not, in fact, visited him on Christmas Day.

Until yesterday, in a crowded restaurant, when Noah was trying desperately (and quite successfully) to get into Eli’s lunch, causing Eli to scream for justice,

Stop stealing my Cheetos, Jesus!!!!”

That kid’s gonna have some skewed theology.

Jesus, the Cheeto Pirate. Jesus, the Cheeto Pirate.

14 thoughts on “Cousfusion.

  1. That is hysterical!! Made my b-day all the more better! :)

    Actually, he could be called the Spanish pronunciation (hey-suess)….? lol

  2. How cute! It’s a story that will be repeated long into Eli’s adulthood. In our house, we keep a notebook for recording these precious expressions of childhood.

    1. Yes, I’m sure he’ll get told that he thought Noah was Jesus for the rest of his life!! Blogging is my notebook – it’s the best baby book my kids will ever get – no time for scrapbooking around here! :)

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