I’ve decided that we cannot homeschool after all.

In fact, Ali will be attending public school as soon as possible. So that she can ride the bus.

…because I really, REALLY want to be able to do what this guy did – Wave at the Bus.

170 days of school,

spending less than $50 dollars total,

he managed to costume up uniquely (and hilariously) every day and wave to his high school son’s school bus:

As the betrothed…


As the typical Dad…


As the rebellious teenage daughter…


As every man-born-in-the-70’s dream girl,


As the mom-next-door,


As a world leader,


And as Ali’s favorite,


And, on the last day, celebrating his one leg by dressing up as a Pirate.


…plus 162 other costumes that you can go see on his wife’s blog journal of the entire year.

Brilliant. Utterly brilliant.

He has now set the bar at a new high.

If I make it through life without ever doing anything to this caliber to my children, I will consider myself a complete and utter parental failure.

17 thoughts on “How to Properly Embarrass Your Kid.

  1. I saw this on the news last night – I can’t imagine if my dad had done this to me when I was in high school. I would have been totally mortified. Of course.. I’d love to do it to my kids :) I only hope they take it as well as this guy’s kid did!

  2. Thanks for posting that link! I stumbled across it earlier in the week and meant to go back to see. What a hoot! What a great way for the kids on the bus to start their day. I can see you out there doing the same thing!

  3. I’ve seen that blog! Sooo funny. Sounds like the kid was a good sport about it though. You’d have to be if your dad was that much of a joker! :)

  4. I read this story the other day, too and immediately realized not being able to do this was the only downside to our homeschool experience!

  5. This is just too funny. I had read about it but not seen the pictures until here. Hilarious. I homeschool my kids, and riding the school bus was always something they wanted to do. Until they started taking youth trips on the church van. That taught them that bus/van rides weren’t all they had romanticized them to be. ha.

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