1. If one allows one’s four year old to pick out her own Easter dress, one may end up with an insanely manic mixture of tulle, glitter, ribbons, bows, flowers, and polka dots.



In fact, it was The Ultimate Anti-Smock.

(Sorry, Mom.)


2. If one aspires to photograph four cousins four years old and under, one will have to take dozens of photos to get one semi-all-looking-in-the-same-direction-and-not-sticking-out-any-tongues-or-slapping-each-other-accidentally shot…


But one will most likely, in the end, find more pleasure in the outtakes.

“Tessa’s B.O.”


“Pick Out the Future Cheerleader”


And, my personal favorite,

“Noah’s Indignation at Tessa’s Hand.”


3. If one is overcome with Mommy-guilt at just not getting around to making the whole Easter Egg dying thing happen one year, one can placate one’s guilt (and thrill one’s child) by simply making chalk eggs together instead.


In fact, chalk eggs are a lot less messy than dyed ones.

And quicker.

And easier to find on an Easter Egg Hunt.

And don’t reek when they rot.

We may have a new Easter tradition.

4. A lot can change in a year…



IMG_4444 copy
Especially if, on that very 2010 Easter weekend, one conceives an addition to their family.

…which, incidentally, is exactly what happened on Easter Weekend 2006.

A 2011 sequel is NOT in the plans.

31 thoughts on “Lessons Learned: Easter With Kids.

  1. AND that dress is quite a “spinner”. Ali happily demonstrated its spinning capabilities:) (The smocks had spinner envy).

  2. Hey, the diet thing is working. Both your faces look skinnier this year though of course yours is much skinnier than his !

  3. Oh my goodness! I thought Ali was absolutely beautiful. But, then again, I never, ever, ever dressed either of my children in a single smocked outfit. Hmmmm! Serriously, she was beautiful!

  4. Great family photo!

    I LOVE Ali’s dress! That is exactly like what I was trying to find for my girls. I never found anything I liked so I finally just got some white and brown dresses. Then a few days ago I found out where you should go to get Easter dresses! But I didn’t want to take the others back so I guess I’ll have to go there next year.

    Ali’s dress is everything an Easter dress should be! Love it. She looks so grown up and pretty! I think it’s her hair that makes her seem so much more grown up than K. I love her long curly hair. Gorgeous!

    Cute cousins photo too, but I definitely like the outtakes best. Haha:) Glad you guys had a good Easter!

    1. I’ve gotten hers from TJ Maxx the last two years – all of my usual shopping places just never had what I liked. And I really did like her dress more than I thought I would once she put it on – not nearly as cheesy-over-the-top as I had feared!

  5. I think Ali’s dress is beautiful (and so is Ali!). She’s really grown up from last year’s pic to this year’s. And I think it’s hilarious that both kids were conceived on Easter weekend!

  6. Ali looks gorgeous! (I’m actually jealous my Easter dresses never looked like that!) I think your photography skills are improving too because each one looked clear! Love both of your family pictures too! =)

  7. Ali and Noah are such an obvious mix of the two of you, at least as it appears from the family photo.
    And the cousins are cuties too!

  8. I LOVE Ali’s dress – if I had the dimples, I’d totally wear that! I wimped out on the egg dyeing now that Kee’s big enough to want to be included but young (and uhm… excitable?) enough that I didn’t want to hand her an egg and some dye. I just couldn’t imagine it happening without one or two children dyed to match the eggs and I had this awful picture of myself down on hands and knees crying while I tried to bleach the floor. Sadly, I just couldn’t get them excited about decorating the paper cut-out eggs I made for them.
    Gorgeous family picture, by the way.

  9. I didn’t even realize what Tessa was doing until I looked at it a second time…lol.. and I love how Noah looks like he got a whiff of Tessa’s “B.O.”… btw, I love your dresses in both pictures!

  10. Hey! Today I tried on the dress you are wearing! I’ve noticed that I rarely see on people the clothes that I see in the stores and I think that is incredibly strange.

    You look way better in it than I did:)

    1. Did you buy it? It’s quite comfortable! I always find it strange that I don’t recognize more clothes on people too – I totally get that.

  11. Love the frilly Easter dress. I wanted to pinch and hug every girl at church in their Easter wear. I love Easter! Easter dresses, hats, baskets, etc.

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