I’m back! I had a very nice few days off (aside from yet another attack by the tooth army that lives in my mouth – I swear they’re out to destroy me), but WOW you missed a lot – quite the significant event happened while I was on break!!  So it’s time to catch you up…


As a little girl, you dream of your wedding day.

As a parent, you dream of your child’s wedding day … or dread it … or both.

Everyone says that they grow up in a flash, but I didn’t think it would happen THIS soon…


The wedding was a grand affair.

It took place on Tuesday morning in The Ball Room (formerly the dining room) at the Bride’s Parent’s house.

The bride wore a lovely Fleece Nightgown designed by Carter’s.  It was a deep chestnut brown that was covered with a beautiful mix of multi-colored flowers.  Her reception dress was an exceptional piece from the designer Crazy 8’s – a green and white striped dress, coupled with hot pink bicycle shorts.

Her hair was exquisite – simply fixed, looking as effortless as if it hadn’t even been brushed that morning.

She wore kitten heels in the colors of pink (left foot) and red (right foot), accented with pictures of Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, respectively.

She carried a bouquet of stuffed animals.

(Although the Bride was a sight to behold, unfortunately, no photography was allowed until the reception – to prevent tabloid exposés, most likely.)

The groom was her long time “Party Friend”, Samuel.

Samuel has been her most enduring Party Friend – possibly the first she ever met.  He appeared in the Bride’s life around the time that a little girl begins making up pretend friends to accompany her in her life journey.

(Also around that time, the word “Pretend” can be easily confused with “Party”, and the misnomer can stick around for quite some time.)

Samuel originally moved into the Bride’s neighborhood in the house of the Bride’s across-the-street neighbors, Freddy and Christie.  Although they were oblivious to his residence, He was the quintessential (pretend)-boy-next-door for Ali.

But just a few weeks ago, he moved again – into the Pink Hippo of the Bride’s Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  it was at that point that their friendship blossomed into a romance, and quickly led to marriage.

The wedding was attended by the Bride’s brother Noah, mother Rachel, and great aunt Kitty.  There was only one member in the wedding party – the newest Party Friend, Serious Witch.

Serious Witch was wearing a full-length black dress, and did a lovely job of holding the bouquet while the Bride said her vows.

The reception was a fabulous occasion that was catered by Lunchables, and was attended by all of the guests…

(Grooms in photo may appear more invisible than they actually are.  Or just as invisible as they actually are.)

(As is also the case with Serious Witch.)

Because the wedding came about so quickly, the attendees didn’t know even what the Groom’s last name was until the couple was announced as Husband and Wife.  But fortunately, the Bride DID know and was quickly able to tell the Minister.

So I would like to invite you all in saying congratulations to the new couple…

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blankby.

And now I suppose I will be getting Party Grandkids soon…

17 thoughts on “A Wedding Story.

  1. The wedding was indeed a grand affair. However, I do not think the great aunt had brushed her hair either, in keeping with the bride of course. Congratulations are in order to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Blankby. I am very thrilled to have been invited.

  2. That is awesome. Did I ever tell you about Kee carrying around a paper cutout of a cartoon boy and referring to him as “her husband” for a couple of weeks? I wish I lived anywhere near you – our kids would be so fun to watch!

    1. They would definitely have a blast!!
      Ali would have a blast in your snow…and Kee would probably love our beaches! Maybe we just need to swap up :)

  3. Oh, what an imagination. I suppose she really will be able to say that she has been planing her wedding since she was four.

    Sad to hear that such a sweet girl with a love of trains has been taken, and by an imaginary man at that. We are hoping for a quickie annulment around here.

  4. My sister “married” her preschool classmate when she was about three. If I recall correctly, his name was Stephen and he was a British redhead. They got married every other day for months. I guess the school had wedding dress like costumes? Tragically they were separated when we moved back to Canada.

    I don’t think I ever played wedding, but I did have my husband all picked out. (Good thing I didn’t stick to THAT plan though!)

  5. Lol, that is too funny. I love the “party” friends. K is VERY into pretending but she hasn’t created imaginary friends yet. I guess I should be grateful that she isn’t ready to tie the knot just yet. :)

    Oh, and sorry to hear you are having more dental problems. That really stinks. :(

  6. At least Noah isn’t old enough for her to torture with that yet. Schyler is always convincing my nephew that playing wedding is the funnest game ever, poor guy.

    You also had me going on the mini giraffe. I could not believe those pics! I guess that should have been my first clue…

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