Giveaway – Family Four Pack to Madagascar Live!

We took Ali (And Noah) to see “Madagascar Live!” Tuesday night.  We had seen the movie, and seeing as how it is one of less than half-dozen movies that are un-scary enough for Ali to like, we figured she would definitely enjoy the musical.

And sure enough, she loved it!!!

(We also took Gramamma along.  And not JUST so that she would help us with the kids.  Wasn’t that nice??)

The actors do a great job portraying the same personalities as the characters from the movie:

Madagascar Photo from Madagascar Live’s web site

My favorite was definitely Melman the very hypochondriac Giraffe, but Ali preferred Gloria the Hippo.  Who, I must say, has quite the self-confidence to be willing to wear that costume.

Hippo Photo from Madagascar Live’s web site

The show was a ton of fun.  It was the perfect length for Ali’s attention span (about an hour and a half, including an intermission), and she loved all of the music and animals.

The characters were funny without being overly cheesy – entertaining for both Ali AND us.  And the sets were amazing!!  It was very professionally put together, obviously with a lot of time and effort put into it.

The only thing that I didn’t like was that there was, in my opinion, some language that could have been left out of the play, considering it is geared toward children: namely the one-time use of the word “sucks” ( and also quite a few “butts” and a “sexy”).  But Ali didn’t seem catch onto any of them.

Overall, though, we all thought it was a great family event!  And I’m excited that Ali has experienced her first musical – and loved it!

If you would like to win a family pack of four tickets to any of the cities that the Musical is travelling to, simply comment on this post!!

(And if you’re in Birmingham, the performances here are over, but they’re still coming to Knoxville, so it might be a fun family trip if you won.)

You can earn up to four extra entries by:

(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

Best of luck! This giveaway is open until Monday, February 28th. The winner will be randomly selected and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, March 1st.

Disclosure: We received four tickets for the purposes of reviewing the musical.  My opinions are, as always, my own.

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  1. Amanda Bosque says:

    We would love to go to Knoxville to see them with Nicholas! I know he would love it – he loves animals :)
    I “like” Madagascar Live on Facebook.

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    I follow your blog :)

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    I also follow you on Twitter and Facebook!

  4. christie Jones says:

    Hey Rachel, I happened to visit your blog on a great day! Love your new pictures. You look great!

  5. My boys would love to go see this AND Kevin’s grandparents live in Memphis-which we so desperately need to go see-so this would be a great weekend trip for us!

  6. I also follow your blog!

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  8. Last but not least I “like” Madagascar Live on facebook :)

  9. It looks like Madagascar Live is coming near us soon: Kalamazoo, MI!

  10. We would love to see this in either Providence, RI or Wallingford,CT! I follow your blog!

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  12. I “like” Madagascar Live on Facebook

  13. I follow your blog. It’s playing in Kalamazoo which is only 30 minutes from here. Our twins would love it! Thanks.

  14. I also follow you on FB. :)

  15. I also clicked “like” on their FB page.

  16. I would love to take Niki to see that in Minneapolis! What fun, it looks like you had a blast!

  17. Emily McDonald says:

    Can’t wait to go see the show here in Fort Wayne. My 3 1/2 year old daughter, Caroline, has been “movin it” for about 2 years now… she absolutely loves the movies, and I know she will love the live version. Glad to hear the review from the family was a good one and that their daughter loved it… Can’t Wait!!!

  18. Emily McDonald says:

    I liked it on Facebook!

  19. my boys have never seen a live show but they see Madagascar at home all the time

  20. Suzanne Denys says:

    I’d like to take my two to see this in Chicago!

  21. Suzanne Denys says:

    I LIKE Madagascar Live! on Facebook.

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    I Follow you on Facebook.

  23. They are coming to New York. I would LOVE to take the kids!

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    cindy windy

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  27. Jeffrey Moraczewski says:

    My family & I would love to go to the show in Detroit,MI

  28. We’d love to go, thanks for the chance!

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  30. I would love to take my daughter to the Philadelphia show! suelee1998 @

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  33. Charlene Kuser says:

    I would love to win tickets to the show coming to the Warner Theater
    in Washington DC.This looks like a great show for my family to see

  34. Charlene Kuser says:

    I Like Madagascar Live! on Facebook (Charlene Kuser)

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