You Know You’re a MOM when…

The events depicted are real events that happened to the author in much-too-recent memory – no actors were harmed used in the creation of this post. 

…You’re hungry enough that you’d rather hold your baby and eat – while smelling dirty diaper – than risk waking them to freshen up their backside.

…You notice people looking at your cleavage, then look down and realize that it’s because you have a stream of baby puke running through it.

…You’re so sleep deprived that you put your purse down in the sink of a public restroom – one of those motion sensor sinks – and watch with horror as it fills up with water for at least three full seconds before your brain kicks in enough to rescue it.

…THEN you instinctively dump it’s contents onto the thankfully-cleanish tile floor, and watch in even more horror as your formerly dry iPhone lands in a puddle of water.

…Right after changing one of THOSE newborn diapers, you’re able to go fix yourself a sandwich – and put spicy mustard on it – without thinking twice about the similarities therein.

…You actually find yourself alone in the car, but it takes you 30 minutes to realize that you’re listening to “Silly Songs” on the CD player.

…You can eat leftovers of the meal that you cleaned up in kid-vomit for eight hours straight the night before.

…You don’t REALLY consider your shirt in need of washing until it has endured the complete Trifecta of infant-bodily-fluids.

…Even after one of THOSE days of inconsolable screaming, nap-resisting, puke, and general discontent of one or more children, all it takes is one look into their eyes to know, without a doubt, that every bit of it is not just all worth it, but it’s a privilege.


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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Ahhh, perfectly written and I can so relate with many of these. Your kids are so beautiful.

    Have a great day and take a nap when you can. :-)


  2. Awww, so sweet Rachel. Look how much he has grown and changed so quickly. Adorable.

    And the sink thing-hilarious for me. Hope you can laugh about it later. And hope your phone is okay.

  3. Love it!!!

  4. The fuzzy headed picture of Noah is so cute! And you are right…it is SO worth it!

  5. I hate those things are true, but every mother goes through similar.

    On a good note, it’s the season for Ali’s perfect curls and it’s so long!

  6. Kitty Engle says:

    I am so sorry I am laughing. However, yes, just look into those eyes and see love has no boundaries.

  7. I agree with everything you have written. Only one child but I understand.

  8. Perfect. How did you have me laughing in agreement in the beginning and then tearing up by the end? Love the overalls pic.

  9. TEARS!!!! Thank you for the gentle reminder! Now it’s off to the Pediatrician for the three kids and me. No daddy in tow this time. We’ll see how this goes. This was good to read before I jump into today!

  10. I related to everything single thing you listed except the sink incident. That, however, both horrified me and cracked me up! I’m laughing and misting up thinking about my sweet babies and how long ago that all seems. All of it. SO WORTH IT!

  11. “You’re so sleep deprived that you put your purse down in the sink of a public restroom – one of those motion sensor sinks – and watch with horror as it fills up with water for at least three full seconds before your brain kicks in enough to rescue it.” That made me laugh out loud. ;)

  12. Found your blog through a friends blog. LOVE IT! And the silly songs happened just yesterday. It occurred to me that the silly songs were on when I heard myself singing out loud to them…mommy needs more sleep. :)

  13. Oh yeah, I have done most of those. :) Great post! We need those reminders that it’s all worth it…b/c it totally is but on occasion I forget that. Thanks for the reminder!

    Love the pictures of the kids! Ali looks gorgeous and Noah is quite the handsome lilttle man!

  14. That little boy with his facial expressions is so darn cute!

    And now that I’m expecting baby #2, I’m beginning to have flashbacks to those fun days.

    Good times. :)

  15. Those are beautiful pictures and you are sooo right about all of that!!!

  16. Awesome post! I identify with just about all of these.
    Glad to hear your iPhone survived!

  17. I love to hear Mom’s say it’s all worth it!

  18. Has anyone mentioned lately that you are a lovely person? Because you are. You are just lovely. And this made me cry. It is so so so true.

  19. So sorry about the purse & iphone…but it is pretty funny!
    Love Noah’s hair in that picture, looks like it’s sticking out everywhere like Aubrey’s used to do :)

  20. And my favorite one:
    – when you can’t reach a tissue and don’t want to use your shirt to wipe your kid’s nose (not because you care about your shirt but because her nose is too raw to handle it) so you just wipe her nose with your hand and wipe your hand on your shirt.

  21. Oh yeah, I still find myself listening to “High School Musical” or “Cheetah Girls” long after my daughter has left the car.

  22. he looks so adorable in these overalls.

  23. this is awesome…especially the last one :)

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