C (hristmas) before E (aster) but NEVER before T (hanksgiving).

There are two types of people in the world: Holiday Liberalists and The Holiday Police.

The Liberalest of the Holiday Liberalists consist of the people who choose to start playing Christmas music in stores, put the decorations out in malls, and start selling Christmas Candy, all on the day after Halloween.

(Oh, and of course Hallmark that starts selling ornaments on July 1st.  The Hallmarks are the undisputed Liberalist Royal Family.)

The Holiday Police are those who believe that never ever should you even mention the C word until after Thanksgiving – nay, maybe not even until December 1st.

And, thus, the two factions immediately begin their war each year at the end of October, spouting off indignant statements in each other’s general direction.

From the Police regarding the Liberalists…

“I can’t believe that there are Christmas decorations up ALREADY!!!  What about Thanksgiving?!!?!?

(as if there aren’t Christmas decorations up at this point every year.)

From the Liberals to the Police…

“Oh, don’t be such a Grinch!  Thanksgiving IS part of the Christmas season!!!”

(Horrified Gasps ensue from The Police.)

I was raised in a Holiday Police Household.  We spent the month of November putting red and brown and orange feathers in our quilted Turkey each day, signifying what we were thankful for.  We didn’t dare start our Christmas lists or ask for Christmas music until after the Cornucopious Holiday of Thanksgiving was over, along with it’s trailing long weekend.

(I think my Mom might have even hidden the Sears Dream Book until the appropriate time for us to have thoughts of such things.)

But I married a definite Holiday Liberalist.  Always excited about Christmas in the most Griswold of fashions, my husband loves to “get just a little head start on the Christmas decorations” … “You know, because we’ll be so busy Thanksgiving weekend and all.  And wouldn’t the house look pretty to be lit up ON Thanksgiving night??”

And I have to admit, as much as it’s going to break my Holiday Police Mom’s heart, after almost ten years of marriage, he’s completely won me over.

(Although I do have a fair amount of guilt over the fact that I have done no fallish-colored Turkey Feathers of Thankfulness with Ali.)

The logic that tipped the scales this year was when he reminded me that “we’re going to miss a whole week of Christmas while we’re in the hospital having Noah – we need to get started celebrating as early as possible if we’re going to have a proper Christmas!”

And so, for the first time ever, I started playing Christmas music…on my own…Last Week.

(Shameful, I know.  I can feel my Mother’s saddened, distressed, and tear-filled eyes upon me as I type.)

And, since I knew the flammably controversial issue that this sort of musical behavior was, I mentioned it on Facebook (citing my least favorite Christmas songs and asking what everyone else’s were), just for the pure entertainment of watching the arguments pour in, as people right and left identified themselves by their objections or cheers as Holiday Police or Holiday Liberalists.

It was pure Facebook War awesomeness.

But in our family, it is official: the Christmas holidays are in full swing.

And so, if you pass our house, you might see that our Christmas lights are already up.

And, if Chris finds the time, you might even see our Christmas tree in the window very soon.

And, because he wants to make sure to raise another little Liberalist just like him, you might even see a very happy little girl, staring wondrously and gleefully at her already decorated-for-the-holidays dollhouse:


…And I have a feeling I may have just won myself the inheritance of that Quilted Turkey from my childhood…after all, The Christmas Police don’t let people leave their party easily, especially when the fate of their Grandchildren’s holiday loyalty is at stake.