Black Friday Giveaways – EZ Sox!

I hope, for your sake, that your kid isn’t nearly as opposed to putting on their own clothes as mine is.  Ali is just not a fan – apparently I do a much better job at it than she does.

I’ve made some progress with her, but there are still a few items of clothing that she struggles with – like shirts and socks.

So anything that can help me win the battle of not having to dress her is awesome.  And EZ Sox are a great solution!

EZ Sox are a training sock (which actually makes a lot more sense than a training bra – I never quite figured out what, exactly, those bras were training) for kids from ages 2-5.  They have loops on the side to help kids pull them up, and fun faces on the front to help them know how to put them on:


Aren’t they adorable? And, thankfully, they have skid-proof writing on the bottom to help with slippery floors.  I was extraordinarily frustrated this year that Ali has apparently grown out of most brands of skid-proof socks – which isn’t cool since we have hardwoods!

They sent Ali a pair to try out, and I handed them to her to figure out on her own.  She had them on in half a second!


…And, of course, loved the look of them!


If you’d like to win a pair of your choosing of these cute and useful socks, EZ Sox has offered to give away their awesome socks to two lucky people!!  Just comment on this post to be entered.

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(be sure to leave separate comments for your extra entries.)

Best of luck! This giveaway is open until Monday, December 6th. The winner will be randomly selected and posted on my giveaway winners page on Tuesday, December 7th.

Disclosure: I received review items for the purposes of writing this post, but I received no other compensation for this giveaway. My opinions are always my own.

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  1. An awesome invention!

  2. What a brilliant idea! Please enter me!

  3. I follow you.

  4. What a fun and great idea! Thanks!

  5. I follow you in my reader.

  6. How cute…little Colton would love these!

  7. I also follow your blog

  8. And on facebook!!

  9. I like socks! Kee hates them though, so these would be great :)

  10. And I follow you :)

  11. I follow you on Facebook too!

  12. Shannon Baas says:

    What a great idea.

  13. Laura Bawcum says:

    Very educational too! Learn colors and animals while keeping your feet warm.

  14. Those socks are too cool! With baby #3 coming soon, I’d love for Luke to be somewhat self sufficient in the dressing department :)

  15. I follow your blog!

  16. Sarah Lockhart says:

    I’d love to win a pair of these for my baby girl. What a creative idea!

  17. I have one kid who loves wearing socks but will not put them on himself and one who hates wearing socks. EZ Socks may really help me!

  18. I subscribe to your blog via Google Reader. Thanks!

  19. I am a fan of EZ Socks on Facebook. Thanks!

  20. I like you on Facebook. Thanks!

  21. neat idea!

  22. Wow! Those are awesome! We have hardwoods too, and slippage abounds without the skid-socks. I might have to get some of those!

  23. Facebook

  24. And blog.

  25. What a great invention! This is the one part of dressing themselves the preschoolers in our house just can’t conquer!

  26. lol, they look like adorable little socky rainboots with the handles!

  27. LOVE the socks!

  28. These are awesome! I’d love to get a pair for Jack to try.

  29. I hope my other comment posted. I do follow your blog.

  30. Cute!

  31. I follow your blog!

  32. I follow you on Facebook!

  33. My 5 yr old could so use these! she still has trouble w/ long songs (ie anything that’s not a ped). ugh!

  34. Meghan Magee says:

    Those are just awesome!

  35. I love the purple kitties one for my daughter for a stocking stuffer!

  36. How adorable!! When my little one who’s not so little any more was very young, she also had trouble with socks. I introduced her to my favorite brand: Gold Toe. Most of their socks have a little golden threaded line that goes across your toes when on correctly, and showing her that helped her learn to put them on correctly. :)

  37. Oh gosh, these would be perfect for my little grandaughter! I hope I win!!

  38. Cute and functional, too!

  39. heather garcia says:

    Oh these are so cute my son would so love the froggie ones thanks!!

  40. My 2 yr old son would love these…no more hissy fits because he wants to put them on “all by himself”….but can’t!

  41. I think the purple kitties are adorable!

  42. I follow EZ Sox over on Facebook.

  43. I follow Grasping for Objectivity in my Subjective Life over on Facebook too! :)

  44. ReggieMann says:

    Would love to win the Purple Kitty or the Pink Piggy for my niece :)

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  45. I’d love to win these for my littles. THANK YOU!

  46. Liked EZ Sox on FB.

  47. Following you via twitter – surromama2.

  48. shelly pitt says:

    these are so cute.what a great idea,so kids do not slip and fall.would love the frog socks.i subscribe thanks shelly

  49. Debbie Osborn says:

    i want to win these ez sox for my grandson.

  50. Debbie Osborn says:

    i like you on facebook

  51. Debbie Osborn says:

    i like EZ Sox on facebook.

  52. Melissa B. says:

    This would be a great gift for my friend’s daughter.

  53. I like the black Penguin style.

  54. susan smoaks says:

    these socks are so cute!

  55. Those are too cute! My 3 youngest need help with their socks, what a great idea for a product.

  56. Adorable and I like the non-slip soles.

  57. Kathy McCrae says:

    I know a certain little girl who would love these, enter me please.

  58. Kathy McCrae says:

    Follow on facebook and twitter too.

  59. My daughter tries to put on her own socks — this would help her

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