Sometimes I just luck into priceless moments. Because they’re certainly never the ones I attempt to create.

(For example, see when Thomas the Train drowned in a Puddle of Mud.)

Ali asked if we could go out to the porch swing the other morning. We were both still in our jammies and had nowhere to go for a while (and I’m not horribly ashamed of my neighbors seeing me in my jammies, unfortunately for them), so I agreed.

She wanted to push ME in the swing.

And talk.

As she pushed me, she told me stories and dreams and recounted scenes from movies, and I just rocked in amazement at how much she was opening up and letting me into her world.

I mean, the girl can always talk, but not necessarily always about interesting things. You can only discuss the Princesses and their respective Princes so many times.

I learned that her favorite color (for the day) was Black Splat, that there was a picture in the big kid’s Sunday School class of God and a little girl in a swing with a little boy pushing them (I will have to investigate for accuracy), that she thinks butterfly kites would be her favorite thing in the whole world, and that everyone got really dirty in “Mary Boppins”.

I started to get cold, and she said “That’s okay – don’t move! I’ll go in and get you a blanket and bring it back out to you ALL BY MYSELF.”

And she did.

After about half an hour of this amazing porch time, I asked her if I could go get my camera. She agreed, and decided that she wanted me to take pictures of her silly faces.



This one…

Immediately reminded me of Sue Sylvester’s Vogue: SueSylvesterVogue

(Sorry, Non-Glee fans…)

So I photoshopped…

IMG_9100 Vogue
Errr…not that I’m a Gleek or anything.

She laughed…

She ran…

She experimented with modeling…IMG_9118

She practiced her stellar photography skills…
(That was the only one in which my head was lucky enough to be included)

And, most importantly, we absolutely relished each other’s company.


Mental Note: Keep an eye out for more perfect moment opportunities.

And spend more time on the porch.

Letting Ali rock ME.

And bring ME blankets.

I think I could get used to having a Kid-Butler instead of being a Butler to a Kid.


18 thoughts on “A Wrinkle in Time.

  1. Yay! I'm the first commenter! That has never happened before.


    Love the post! Those are the sweet moments that make it all worthwhile!!!

  2. I just love her Rachel! Umm… I think you're a poo-head for looking so good when you just got up and are still in your jammies!!!

  3. So neato. I love it when I stumble into those types of moments, too. It makes you feel like life can't possibly get any better than it is right then.

  4. That is so sweet. And you're right, those moments do tend to present themselves when you're least expecting them.

    Glad you've got such a great way to document this stuff.

    And that totally looked like Sue's pose. That lady kills me.

  5. Those are fantastic pictures! I hope Kid-Butler stays around a while. And that I get my own Kid-Butler soon!

  6. My dream in life is a porch swing.

    I was getting all emotional about your beautiful moment until I got the Sue Sylvester comparison. Hilarious! Greatest TV character of our time.

    But all the pictures are beautiful, not just the Strike a Pose shot.

  7. It is so amazing and humbling when they open that small door into their world. I'm so glad you were given that opportunity and that you snatched it up with both hands! Love you both. So happy for your treasure of a moment.

  8. Love this post! I love it when kids let you into their world. It's hard sometimes to remember that they are real people too! The sweet moments together really make all the tough stuff worth it!

  9. What a happy time… just you and Ali on the porch talking, swinging, & photographing. You looked beautiful even though you weren't made up. Impressive.

  10. Awwww, she is such a sweetie! Time flies….I know, mine is fixin' to grauate high school. Enjoy every minute you can snag. :)

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