Mom Jeans. It’s not something that only plagues 50 year olds anymore, or even just misguided 20-somethings.

No, it’s seeping down to the very beginnings of our society, trying to infiltrate our babies by starting them off as Mom Jean loyalists at the youngest of age.

You know it. You’ve seen it. Toddler Mom Jeans

Too many styles of Baby and toddler jeans have horrendous pocketage (if they have pockets at all), bubble around the butt, and (gasp) have The Dreaded Grandma Elastic Waistband ALL the way around.

It takes a lot of shopping to find a right pair of baby jeans that appropriately goes over diapers without creating that Dreaded Bubbly Butt, but that isn’t too far on the other end of the spectrum – Baby-Skank:BabyPhat

I personally have had my own successes…


AND failures…IMG_4367
in finding appropriately non-Mom-Toddler Jeans. It’s not an easy task, and the younger the kid, the harder the find.

Finally, there are efforts being made at helping solve the root problem of baby/toddler jeans: the bubbly diaper-underneath. Huggies has come out with…a Jeans Diaper.

Huggies Jeans

My friend Christen graciously sent me the link to these special edition diapers, something which I will just HAVE to go ahead and stock up on for Newbie, for fear that the “limited time offer” will be up before December.

Now granted, this product is not perfect yet, but it’s a giant step for babykind in the right direction. If only those pockets were a little bigger and a little lower… and I’m not so sure about that denim color – it looks a bit Wrangler-ish to me. But maybe it’s better in person – I WILL be finding out.

I’m really a Pampers loyalist, so my hope is that they steal the idea and improve on it. My recommendation would be that they take a cue from the creator of the US Olympic Team snowboarding pants, who took his favorite pair of designer jeans and had the exact look photographically reproduced onto snowboarding pants:Snowboarding

I can see it now. Citizens of Humanity Diapers. It’d sell – and you know it.

14 thoughts on “MAMJoB: Moms Against Mom Jeans on Babies.

  1. LOL! Oh, that was definitely one of my favoritest Saturday Night Live commericals of all time…ranking right up there with the edible diapers.

  2. Sweet! The Mom Jeans topic is back and I love it! You crack me up. I have to hand to you, though. You are exactly right about it starting way too young.

  3. I saw these in next week's CVS ad. What is the point? Unless you never intend to put pants on your kid… I see these cropping up on People of Wal-Mart very soon.

  4. Oh man. Does someone out there really think that these are the answer? Was someone really sitting there in a meeting and suddenly thought, "MAN! I've got it! Diaper Jeans!! It'll change the world!" Oi.

  5. I am going to buy those diapers if I see them out…because by the time I have a kid they will be discontinued! When my Scampi-dog was in heat I bought her little denim doggie diapers that had a picket on the rear end. It was quite amusing…

  6. I bought TJ some of the jeans diapers, because he usually takes his clothes off as soon as we get home from anywhere no matter what time it is, and I thought it's be cute. However, the color is VERY dark. Darker than they appear in the advertisements and you have to really look to see the "hem lines". Not as cute as I had hoped. I won't be buying them again, especially since we are actually potty training and he mostly wears underwear when we are home, but I HAD to try the jeans diapers just once before we are done with diapers all together. I could have got a hold of a package that was just darker than usual, but anyway….TJ on the other hand loves them, and tells me "Bue one" when I go to get a diaper now.

  7. I fear we are offenders of the MJoB. In my defense I haven't bought any of them, but I do let the kids wear them. :{ Some of them are worse than others. I don't mind the partial elastic band for babies, but I definitely don't like it all the way around. The front of the jeans should at least have pretend jean qualities. :)

    I have never seen those diapers before. I think they are kind of cute for girls b/c then you wouldn't have to do bloomers. That is one reason I like the gDiapers. They are so cute and colorful that you don't need bloomers which is just another layer to deal with. I'll be interested to see the jean diapers on a "real" baby if you get some. :)

  8. I just put my son's 2Ts away to make room for the already shrinking 3Ts, and in the process, I tossed a few mom (dad?) jeans into the goodwill bag. I feel horrible sending those to another unfortunate child, but fashion must be maintained.

  9. Is it just me who doesn't understand why you would spend more money on diapers that look like jeans? Is the jean diaper supposed to replace actual clothing?

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