I was getting Ali dressed for Church this morning.

She told me, “Ethan is going to be very happy today.”

“Really? Why?”

“That’s because I’m wearing a really pretty dress.”

I ran into him after church…


She seemed to be correct.

10 thoughts on “Maybe She’s Born With It…

  1. Funny, before I read anything I was thinking how beautiful she looked, I guess she knew it too. She is the girly, girl.

  2. Hahaha, that is too funny!

    And she is right! She looks SO beautifully sweet in that dress. Like a fairy child! When I looked back at it I half expected to see little sparkly wings! That's a picture that needs to be framed!

  3. LOL! She does look very pretty in her frock. I'm going to start stockpiling hair color for you girlie. Maybe a shotgun for daddy dawg?

  4. I meant to say this on your "ali has greek eyebrows" post, but I forgot: she is beautiful. Not just like "oh-your-daughter-is-so-pretty" beautiful…but really and truly beautiful. Yikes!

    (and last night while praying before dinner, Emma prayed: Help alex not to be too lonely while I'm gone. HA! That's almost as good as the dress line from ali!)

  5. Shelly – I sure thought she was. My only explanation is that surely it must be born into them… (sigh)

    Thanks, all!

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