So I’ve been trying to think of a good blog April Fool’s joke for weeks. And I’ve got nothin’. My inspiration has just completely flown out the window, along with any small amount of organization, neatness, and stay-on-top-of-everything-in-life-ation that I usually have.

I LOVE April Fools. I really love practical jokes in general, as I come from a long line of jokers. My Dad could do a whole series of guest posts on the jokes he’s played in the past, and my Brother JC has been involved in his fair share too, especially on our High School Youth Group trips.

But, unfortunately for JC, they had a you-have-to-take-retribution-with-a-happy-heart rule, so JC was forced into having his head shaved (which he unfortunately liked and continued to do for a while, once even with the help of his little sister), and into eating a raw octopus sandwich (which I don’t think he liked quite as much as having his head shaved.)

Anyway, April Fool’s. Every year when we were kids, my parents would tell us some sort of “news” over breakfast on the morning of April first, always early enough that we didn’t realize what day it was. And every single year, we fell for it.

The only one that I remember (the rest I’ve apparently blocked due to the angst that they caused) was the year that they told us that we were moving to Utah. I was horribly brokenhearted. Being the rut sort of girl I am, the thought of moving across country deeply disturbed me. JC, however, was fine with the news, so they had to ramp it up a bit to ensure fair and equal traumatization for all children by telling him, “oh, by the way….baseball is illegal in Utah”.

Then he came completely unglued too, which allowed my parents to fully enjoy the thrill of inflicting April Fool’s terror onto their children.

I can’t wait until Ali’s old enough for this sort of special parental torture.

Last year, I used the oldest, most worn out April Fool’s joke possible and had a bit of fun announcing on my blog that I was pregnant, with twins.

I must say, some of the people that didn’t fall for it surprised me, such as my self-admittedly most gullible friend, Gina. I was pretty proud of her.

And some of the people who did fall for it surprised me as well, such as one of my best friends and Ali’s Godmother, Amanda, who called me with the angriest voice I’ve ever heard her use. I answered the phone, and was greeted with: “TWINS, Rachel?!?!?! TWINS???? And you didn’t tell ME?!!?!??!!?!? TWINS!!!!”

Me: “Did you finish reading the post?”

Amanda: “No. I’m too mad. TWINS?!?!!?!?!?”

Traumatizing friends is almost as much fun as traumatizing kids.

So, if your kids are old enough, by all means, please shake ‘em up a bit tomorrow morning. And enjoy every minute of it. Then come tell me what you did, since I have to live vicariously. For now.

And tell me the best April Fool’s Joke you’ve ever heard of. I need inspiration.

12 thoughts on “April Fool’s Day: aka National Child Trauma Day.

  1. I would give you April Fool's jokes, but I have none. I play practical jokes on people year round. I know my parents used to play them on us kids, but I, too, have Blocked them out. I do have theis, but it's pretty tame: about 10 years ago my roommate at the time left for Ireland to visit her parent. While she was gone I bought a lot of those packing peanuts. In her bathroom I used two pieces of scotch tape to barely hold her shower curtain to the walls and filled her shower with the packing peanuts. That way when she pulled back the shower curtain she would get showered with packing peanuts! I had to wait two long weeks for her to return. You can only do this prank if there is an opaque shower curtain involved, and best if there is the curtain and a liner. Balloons work well for this, too. Which I filled her closet with balloons one time so she couldn't get the door open.
    Oddly enough, I cannot think of a time I have ever pranked my husband. Hmmm…I might need to put on my thinking cap and come up with something. He's helped in plenty of pranks with me, but he has yet to be the recipient….unless you count me jumping from behind something and scaring the poop out of him…

  2. Oh girl, I could never do an April Fools about being pregnant. I think it would break my Mama's heart.

  3. Wow, your parents were mean! :) I like to go more for the funny (for everyone) jokes and tricks…although I've got nothing this year. Last year I made mealoaf and colored mashed potato cupcakes for dinner. That turned out pretty well. I'll have to go looking for something to do this year, right now I've got nothing. :)

  4. I absolutely love April Fool's Day. Here are 2 pranks you can do.
    1.) Tape magnets to the bottom of an empty coffee cup, and attach it to the top of your car. Laugh at all the people who frantically try to get your attention as you drive by.
    2.) Super glue some coins to the floor or sidewalk than watch that person try and try to pick the coin off the floor or sidewalk. (Put a half dollar or quarter)


  5. That's so funny that your parents were able to trick you every year!
    I ALWAYS fall for April Fool's jokes, I am so gullible!
    I am TERRIBLE at trying to "pull one over" on anyone b/c I am an awful lier, I always smile or just come out & tell the truth b/c it eats away at me :)
    I used your joke from last year on my sister this morning (via texting) and she totally believed me! :)

  6. I KNEW we had a lot in common! April Fools is my favorite holiday, period. Fav-o-rite!

    Okay, one time I called my uncle and (fake southern accent included) told him that he was being audited by the IRS.

    This year is my best year yet, as I've managed to get every single family member. My favorite was getting my brother to believe that his resume wasn't accurate so the new company he hired on with is letting him go (before he even started working :)

    I never let it go on for too long. For me, the fun is in tricking them for just a moment and then hearing the, "Oh, you stinker you!" immediately after :)

  7. Thanks for all the ideas! Maybe I'll be more prepared next year…and Ali will be old enough to get pranked. :)

  8. My son, the turkey, got me TWICE in an hour. First, he said he'd thrown up and I believed him. Second, he said he fell off his bike (complete with limping and wincing) and yes, I believed him. TURKEY.

    I didn't manage to fool a soul.

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