It’s amazing how differently the same three-year-old logic can sound based on the situation they choose to apply it to…and how completely oblivious they can be at the things they say.

And really, that obliviousness is a very, VERY good thing.

As I’ve complained about mentioned before, we all know that Mommies get no privacy. And this lack of privacy leads to…perplexing conversations.

I was getting dressed, as usual accompanied by my little sidekick.

When I finished, Ali calmly informed me,

“I think your chest is broken.”


“Your chest – it’s broken.”

Hoping she means something else but knowing what I taught her to use that term for, I ask,

“Where is it broken?”

She reaches up, pats me right where I feared she would, and says, “That…that is broken.”

“How is it broken?”

“Because…” …she moves onto other things, and I’m left wondering how I managed to break my chest.

A few minutes later, I sit down to help her get dressed. She leans over me, pulls my shirt open, peers down inside and says, “Yup, it’s broken.”

“Well how do I get it fixed, then?”

“That’s because Daddy fixes it.”

“How does Daddy fix it?”

“That’s because he works it.”

“He WORKS IT? How does he work it?”

“That’s because he’s happy.”

And I…am still left speechless.

19 thoughts on “That’s Because Daddies Fix Everything.

  1. HAHAHA, that is too funny! I have been expecting a lot more K -comments with all the nursing and everything, but she has been pretty okay with it. I just told her that Mommy has milk in her chest to feed the baby…luckily she has been watching my mom's sheep feed their lambs so she seems to accept it as part of the circle of life. :)

  2. too funny. my ( 6 year old )son is always asking questions. sometimes I answer and sometimes I just tell him to ask his dad.

  3. Out of the mouth of babes…

    My kids say some pretty scary things too, but I don't think they've ever told me my chest is broken, despite the way it looks!

    First time here! Definitely coming back!

  4. If I'd have been drinking something it would have shot through my nose. So funny. The things children come up with. I bet this story will do the rounds at many family lunches in Ali's future.

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