I’ve felt a bit under the weather this week, so I’ve been very, very covetous of Ali’s naps. But alas, her naptime is my only opportunity to get two jobs and three blogs attended to, so me napping is not exactly an option.

HOWEVER, I have discovered a little power nap solution that has been quite blissful.

A half hour before Ali’s naptime, I’ll pull out my nice and generous Mommy Voice and say, “Hey baby, it’s naptime, but would you like a special treat of getting to watch Thomas, Veggie Tales, or Curious George first???”

Of course, she thinks I’m the most wonderful Mommy in the world.

So we cuddle up together on the couch, I turn on the show, and I go to sleep.

When the show is over, she starts poking at my eyes, and I know it’s time to wake up and put her to sleep.

By the way – that short-power-naps are better than long-naps theory? Totally true. I just hope Ali doesn’t discover that fact.

At any rate, my new napping discovery is totally awesome.

Except that I’ve been having some very strange nap-dreams, that have just added to my unhealthy obsession with Ali’s cartoons…

In this Week’s episode of Soap Opera Digest:

On “The Young and The Curious”:

Curious George

We all know it: the romantic tension has been building for years. But finally – The Man With The Yellow Hat invites Professor Wiseman over to celebrate her birthday!!ManWithTheYellowHat

Will he finally man up and tell her how he feels about her? Will Professor Wiseman become George’s Monkey Mama??!!?


On “As The Produce Turns”,


Will Bob rot?

Will Larry realize that he has no arms….or FEET?!!?!?

Will Junior Asparagus realize that no one REALLY likes Asparagus?

On “Trains of Our Lives”:


Thomas has a big decision to make. Who will he take to the Valentines Festival at Waterford Station??

There’s Emily, whom he bickers and argues with continuously. Is their aggression toward each other really just frustrated love?Emily

Or will it be Lady from the Magical Railway, who has a way of mysteriously appearing and disappearing out of his life?


Or will Thomas shock everyone and go against the steam and ask out Mavis, a girl of Another Kind – a DIESEL?!?!?


Thomas has a big decision to make – tune in to find out what happens!!

Strange, maybe…but totally worth it for the nap.

13 thoughts on “The Soap Operas of Mommyhood.

  1. That was sheer brilliance!!! And hilarious, too!

    I'll definitely have to try the short power nap, but Amy Beth won't sit still for a whole episode of anything yet…

  2. That was a brillant idea! Glad you found a solution to the power nap. I wish I coud power nap in the middle of the day.

    Your soap operas were better than the real ones to me. :)

  3. LOL! Now if only those shows had similar story lines, I would be more captivated :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Haha. I do something very similar. I pull up various kid friendly vids on Youtube and the nephew and I will go in my room and I shut us in so he can't terrorize everything. He will contentedly watch the videos while I take a quick nap.

  5. Hahaha! That was hilarious! I love reading your witty humor. By the way, I'm a good friend of Rachel G., and I confess to being one of your "blog stalkers" or "lurkers" as you call them. Sorry I don't have a blog you can follow. Just wanted to 'fess up and let you know I'm out here reading…and thoroughly enjoying!

  6. Girl, you are too smart! I too have wondered about The Man with the Yellow Hat and the Professor. I just hope there isn't any "monkey business" going on.

  7. I know Veggie Tales have really good morals and ethics to the shows, but it really bothers me that they have no hands and feet.

    And "Will Bob rot?" was genius!

    Oh, and BTW, your Thomas soap opera could definitely be a hit!

  8. Good Idea!
    My guilty mommy secret is that on the weekend, when the almost 3 yr old wakes up at 5am, I let him crawl into bed with us and I put on whatever cartoon I can find on ON DEMAND, and I let him watch the cartoon, and mom & dad can get a little extra shut eye. Then when its over and he smacks me in the head with the remote, we get up and see to breakfast and semi start the day.

    I still look forward to his naptimes and when he sleeps, I take complete advantage and I take a nap too…pregnancy is exhausting!

  9. What a great idea! I agree, power naps are way better than real ones!
    I must take up for Junior Asparagus…I actually like asparagus!

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