Yes, that’s right – we moved into a Castle this week.

It all started when our new chair for the living room came in:IMG_7210

The chair, as exciting as it was, could not compare to the thrill of the massively ginormous box that housed it:IMG_7203

Chris lovingly carved out windows and then showed Ali how to work them, IMG_7252

Which made me see some very eery similarities between my husband and Miracle Max:MiracleMax
Which would make me…

I’m not a witch, I’m his wife!


Because Chris does everything with an Engineer’s mind, he also tie-wrapped a lantern hook wired indoor lighting, and then we set off to decorating our new castle.



Of course, Chris’ overdesigning spread to the Interior Decorating also, where, while Ali and I were mundanely placing shapes, he drew scenes like this:


And then committed Princess Homicide to create scenes from NarniaIMG_7298
and The Princess And the Toad.
We may have downsized a bit, but the new castle is plenty big enough for Ali to stand up in,
And all three of us to reside in at once:IMG_7282(Although the small space does make the camera flash a bit bright for Ali’s taste.)

And of course there is room for friends – Ali is an ever-ecstatic and welcoming hostess!IMG_7320Or not.

But AJ’s interior design help cheered her up quite a bit, IMG_7315
and AJ’s imagination made it even better.

I sat outside (on my new chair, of course), listening to their adventures of kicking the King out of the castle, and then letting two Princes, both coincidentally named Hagnos, move in with them.

(Mental Note: Be weary of guys named Hagnos.)

By the end of the night, the castle was rather manically full of activity:

And, just like in The Princess Bride, their white steed showed up outside the window just in time for their escape…IMG_7206

…because Prince Hagnos and Prince Hagnos didn’t turn out to be such great catches after all.

24 thoughts on “Moving Into A Castle.

  1. Haha, that looks so fun! What a great idea to put a light in it!

    I love Ali's sweater dress! That is too cute.

  2. That chair just called me. It wants me to come over and take a nap. Me likey.

    My parents gave me a giant box when I was 4 or 5. They let me fingerpaint it. FYI: It was a bad idea. Fun, though.

  3. I have a t-shirt you would like. It is heather gray, with a black and white shot of Inigo Montoya. There is a "HELLO MY NAME IS" name tag with Inigo Montoya written in script on the top, and then at the bottom in drippyish red (like blood I guess) writing it says YOU KILLED MY FATHER, PREPARE TO DIE. AWEsome shirt…my brother bought it for my for my birthday last year. Princess Bride is definitely my favorite movie E.V.E.R.!!!

  4. My youngest is 9 and my middle is almost 12. They still love to play in boxes. Such fun!
    And the chair-scrumptious!

  5. Super duper cute. While visiting family in Arkansas, we made something similar out of two big boxes and some awesome purple and red paint. Talk about classy! :0) We called it "Flowergirl's Cat Motel" because all the farm cats used it as their little hut at night. hehe

  6. That's such a HUGE box! You totally bought the chair because you wanted to provide your daughter with a new toy, right? Boxes are the best!

  7. How fun! I swear every year at Christmas I say I'm just going to get the kids a bunch of boxes…they have more fun playing with those than the toys that come in them.

  8. Looks like fun!

    One observation: Based on his drawing, I'm thinking that castle of y'alls is going to have to have more bedrooms to house all those kids!

  9. I LOVE the chair and I love The Princess Bride. I just wish Ali whould have named her Prince, Humperdinck not Hagnos.

  10. Awww, how adorable! Boxes always made the best playhouses, castles, cars, buses, etc. :)

    (and, Princess Bride is one of my FAVORITE movies!!!)

  11. Love your new chair, very cool!
    What an awesome castle, I would have never thought about putting real lights in it!

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