Country-Fried Birthday.

IMG_7448Today is my Mom’s Birthday (Happy Birthday, Gramamma!). And something about gifts and the preferences of Birthday celebrations really reveals the stark difference in my city-girl self and my country-girl Mom.

When I called her yesterday to ask if I could take her to lunch today, she told me that she was on a romantic outing with my Dad to buy her Birthday present.

“Oh really? What is he getting you?”

“Cinder blocks!!!”

“That’s … great, Mom.”

“It’s just what I wanted! Your Dad says that I’m so easy to buy for.”

“So…what are you going to do with your new cinder blocks?”

“He’s going to make me a new tomato garden with them.”

Well, at least she had reason to get the overly romantic birthday gift of cinder blocks.

At lunch today, Mom and Dad told me of their great and romantic plans for the evening to celebrate her birthday even further…

A lecture on beekeeping.

Yes, they’re off to cuddle in the candlelight and whisper sweet nothings to each other…in a beekeeping class.

My parents have an amazing marriage – they know just what to get each other to bring a smile to their face. So, to sum things up, if you’d like to take lessons in romance from my parents…

Don’t know what to get her for that romantic holiday or birthday?

Get your wife the gift that will be sure to bring a spark to her eyes: Cinder Blocks!Cinder Blocks

Because nothing says “I Love You” quite like gray slabs of cement.

Don’t know how to celebrate your romantic holiday or birthday?

Get dressed up in some matching outfits and agitate thousands of stinging creatures together!


Your love will be renewed when you get a rip in your bee suit and your wife has to beat the living daylights out of you with a wooden bee drawer in an attempt to kill all of the bees that have crawled into your shorts before they sting you past the point of recognition.

And as an added bonus, she will be completely overwhelmed at the utter hotness of your bee hat.Beekeeper

…at least Mom and Dad will be thinking about the birds and the bees tonight.

Happy Birthday, Mom!