The Charleston Connection

We have houseguests this week! One of my favorite people, Barkley, and her son Woods are visiting with us from Charleston.

Ali has been so excited about our houseguests that, while playing with them at lunch, she learned how to transform her two-eyed somewhat spastic wink…IMG_7894

Into a very suave, grown-up, one-eyed wink.IMG_7880Hopefully she won’t be using that to attract any MORE boyfriends. Yeesh.

At any rate, we’re so busy having fun that I don’t have too much to say, so I thought I’d beg your forgiveness and share our attempt at this year’s photo shoot.

The last time we got together almost exactly a year ago, we met halfway in Atlanta, where I attempted, quite optimistically, to get a “perfect photograph” of our kids.

The closest I got last year was this one:IMG_8383 copy

And, one year later, this one:IMG_7887 copy copy
…Still not a perfect picture, because the possibility of that happening is …not.

However, since last year, we’ve all learned a few things about photography.

I’ve learned that bribery goes a long way in getting a kid to keep a permasmile – especially if it’s PEZ.IMG_7884

At least for a three year old. Notsomuch for a one and a half year old.

Ali learned how to fight off her aggressors with a smile (because of the PEZ, I’m sure):IMG_7890

As opposed to last year.IMG_8306

Woods learned how to walk, and therefore escape quickly, creating the need to be repeatedly shoved back into position.IMG_7882
Last year, he could only dream of such things.IMG_8371

Ali learned to use holding hands as a helpful technique in controlling the not-quite-wanting-to-sit-still-so-she-can-earn-her-PEZ-toddler…IMG_7889

Instead of just barely offering her hand as an obedient-but-not-thrilled-about-it-gesture.IMG_8326

Woods grew out of his charmed by the older woman phase,IMG_8348

But no pictures from this year outdid my favorite from last year, the old couple in marriage counseling shot:IMG_8378

If I ever become a Psychiatrist, that will most definitely be on my business card.

I might, for the first time in my blog’s history, have a re-run or two over the next couple of days if you would be so kind as to let me, so that I can fully enjoy our houseguests.