I received an email from one of my favorite clothing companies on Friday, and they were so!! very!! excited!! about their new and amazing product!!

And then I saw the NAME of this product: Jeggings.

Jeggings Email Ad

Apparently, Jeggings are a combination of Jeans and Leggings – they LOOK like the Skinniest of Skinny Jeans, but they are actually cotton/spandex leggings.

Zelda Jeggings

…which very much reminded me of a tweet that my friend Sara had about another new product called Pajama Jeans:

But I am not here to critique the fashion of Jeggings. If they look good on you, by all means, more power to you. They’d look so horrible on me that I would have to have therapy after just THINKING about trying them on.

However, the term Jeggings…please tell me that Tim Gunn is somewhere shuddering at the thought. Jeggings sounds more like a term used for juggling eggs in a circus than supposedly high fashion wear. Just because you CAN combine two words to make one doesn’t mean that you should.

For instance, what if, instead of naming it a catsuit, the fashion industry at the time had excitedly combined the word shirt and pant and called this a Shant?Catwoman
Somehow, it seems that catwoman would have not had nearly the attraction had she been wearing a shant.

(Then again, maybe she would have…)

And how about if, instead of calling this Sweater boots, they called them Sweatoots?

Sweater Boots
And sometimes, just because you could combine two products doesn’t mean you should. For instance, I suppose that this would be called the Shoilet:toilet-in-shower
Hopefully that lovely European idea will never, ever make it across the pond.

And, hopefully, Jeggings will quickly fade so that all of us with thighs wider than a Sharpie won’t end up in therapy over our inability to fit into egg juggling pants.

17 thoughts on “Can You Recall a Product for Faulty Naming?

  1. I can't think about skinny jeans, let alone jeggings…which sound terrible. But I find the Shoilet more disturbing. I mean, when thinking logically, shouldn't the bidet be in the shower rather than the toilet? A Bidoilet (pronounced bid-oil-ay)!

  2. Shant!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my lands!!!!!
    Nice one! There is still a pandemic of people wearing leggings as pants! Apparently no one reads my blog. Jeggings are supposed to be the answer to that I guess, but I just don't want to be that personally invested in the curvature of someone's butt!

  3. Ack! Just when I had come to terms with the fact that though I could shape up quite a bit my legs have a certain look that will not magically tranform to sticks the fashion industry decides it's time for all this skinny leg stuff. Anybody know a good therapist?

  4. Pajama Jeans! Have we gotten that lazy? Apparently so. My hubby, out of the goodness of his heart, just told me those are the perfect pants for me since I don't like to wear jeans all the time and could live in my yoga pants. I think I'm gonna go buy a gym membership now.

  5. Okay, I have definitely been wanting a more comfortable jean, but I don't think pajama jeans or jeggings are going to make the cut. :)

    I laughed out loud at the Sweatoots and then of course K came running, "What you laughing at? What you laughing at?" Had to do some quick improvising otherwise she'd be running around yelling "Sweatoots!" :)

  6. I had to do a double take on the word "Jeggings" on the ad.


    Perhaps they should rename the other product to 'Jeajamas' :)

  7. Oh my! Jeggings? Really? Someone in that company's product development department needs some therapy or a demotion or something. Tim Gunn has to be shuddering. Has to be.

  8. I'm so happy to find out that it's not only me who reacted that way when I saw the word "Jeggings". Can't they just label it as "Super Skinny Jeans"? Haha. Seriously, jeggings, pajama jeans? What's next? Jogging Jeans? LOL.

  9. That is a terrible name and they look VERY uncomfortable, you probably have to be a size double zero to actually fit into them!

  10. I've never heard of these Sweatoots before but after reading about them here I think I need to go and find me a pair. Wait? Is it really boots or is it some sort of candy that will make passing gas more pleasant?

    Ha ha great post.

  11. yeah, when i first heard of those from a student (who was wearing them) i repeated it to make sure i heard them right. right…. but actually, they look pretty cute on my little Evie with a long shirt :)

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