Tape Measure
Remember my opinion about getting “fitted”?

Well, I took note of all of your comments about how I might be missing the melon boat, and I caved.

And wow – y’all were all totally right. Things have been put back in their rightful home that Ali misplaced three years ago, which makes me feel AT LEAST two and a half years younger.

My life will never be the same.

Granted, it wasn’t a very fun process.

(Insert Here: All of the hilariously awkward details that I WOULD write if this blog had 100% female readership. But since it’s only 99.99% female readership, I chose to edit.)

However, it was worth it – I never knew how poor my own size-estimating skills were.

One word of advice if you decide to go down this path?

Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, take your toddler with you to your Underwire Calibration.

For the past week, every time that Ali can find anything long and skinny that resembles a tape measure, regardless of whether we’re out in public, in the middle of church, or at home, she holds it up to me and says,

”I’m measuring you, Mommy. I’m measuring you for a bra. And I’m seeing how much you weigh. WOW you’re a big girl.”

Aaaaaand….now I’m off to register for The Biggest Loser.

21 thoughts on “It’s Fitting.

  1. I have been needing to do this for a loooong time. The girls just aren't what they used to be. Guess I just need to bite the bullet. Where did you go?

  2. That is so funny. Kids remember EVERYTHING! And when I went to get measured for mine, I was also waaaaaaaay off!

  3. I missed that "bra fitting" post, but went back and read it. Boy, I think I need a specialist myself. I've never had it done, and after 5 kids, am sure that I need it! Will you be posting before and afters?

  4. About the only thing more degrading than getting fitted for a bra is a pap smear.

    How's that for your 99.9% female readership!

  5. "Melon boat?"


    I used to work in lingerie. I was asked many, many times to "fit" women.

    I passed.

    Sounds like Ali has a promising future in retail.

  6. LOL! That's hilarious! K announced, quite loudly, to an entire restaurant that, "My Mommy has to go pee-pee!" the other night. Duck head and run to the bathroom. :P

    I have never been "fitted" either, but I guess maybe I should give it a try. I KNOW I am not wearing the right size, but nothing I've tried myself has worked…of course it doesn't help to be fluctuating with baby weight and nursing and all that.

    Maybe once I'm done this time around I will take the plunge and go get fitted…and I will remember not to take K with me. :)

  7. I'm with Nikki, I've been wanting to get fitted for years, but just haven't gotten around to it.
    Where did you go?

  8. Funny post.

    I also need to get fitted once I'm done nursing (which I'm thinking might be somewhat soon…). The gals just aren't the same as they used to be. Maybe all us ladies should have a fitting party! Or not…

  9. Kids always seem to know exactly what to catch on to :)

    I hear you on things heading south. I will have to follow your advice :) I fear what will come of my own deflated balloons in the months to come.

  10. I went to The Fitting Touch at The Summit… they were great!

    Well, as great as you can be about that sort of thing.

  11. HILARIOUS! I got fitted about a year ago and found out I had been wearing a size too small FOREVER! No wonder I couldn't wait to get that thing off every night.

  12. After breast feeding three kids, I need a 38 extra long. Victoria's Secret just does not meet my particular needs.

    Ali is the cutest kiddo EVAH! She cracks me up!

  13. Do you remember the show "The Swan?" When it came on the first time, our family was watching the final reveals. After marveling over the effects of weight-loss and surgery, my then 4 year old son asked me, "So when are you going on this show, Mom?"

    I sooo need to get fitted. Six kids later, and nothing fits the same!

  14. I always poo-pooed the idea of a professional fitting, after all, how hard could it be? Finally broke down and went to Nordstroms. The bra fitter was polite, respectful, and not only told me what size I should wear, but which bras were best for me. What I discovered was that the bras I had worn all along were too big in the band, and too small in the cup, which is why they always rode up in the back. I no longer have to spend half the day tugging the back down and hoisting the girls into place. I recommend a professional fitting to every woman. You’ll never believe what a difference it makes.

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