Ali Mug Shot Police Report

December 2, 2009, 11:15 am CST

Perpetrator: Alana Grace

Aliases: Ali, Princess, Baby, Ali-Girl.

Description of Suspect: Two years old, Curly hair, blue eyes, huge head, dimple on right side of face.

Location of Crime: The Disney Store, Riverchase Galleria

Stolen Items: Cell Phone, Car encased in rubber sphere.

Description of Crime: Suspect was being allowed to play in the Disney Store and get her grimy hands all over the merchandise. Suspect’s “responsible” adult (SRA) was talking to Suspect’s friend’s responsible adult.

The two adults decided it was time to go eat, so told suspect and friend that it was time to go.

The party of four headed SSW on foot. SRA and friend continued their conversation on the way to the food court, paying little attention to the suspect.

Upon arrival to the food court, suspect was found to be holding this:


The SRA immediately freaked out upon realization that her two year old was not only a thief, but a very successful one.

The SRA then took items, gave a hasty explanation to confused suspect that you’re not allowed to take things out of stores, and then ran back to Disney store to return the stolen merchandise before the SWAT team with mouse ears caught up with them.

The SRA was going to explain to a store clerk what happened, but there seemed to be no one that cared. They seemed much too busy with all of the other toddlers and their grimy hands all up in their toys.

Sentence: Since suspect had no previous criminal record and showed remorse upon the return of the SRA (“I’m sorry. I’m not supposed to take things out of stores!”), the suspect was booked and then released.

The responsible adult, however, was downgraded from an SRA to an SIA.

21 thoughts on “Everyone Remembers Their First Crime.

  1. I just know that Jackson is going to do this with the candy at the checkout aisle. I can't keep his sticky hands off of it!

    Don't be too hard on yourself. At least those embarassing alarms didn't go off!

  2. Next thing you know, she'll be sneaking money out of your purse to buy bubblegum.

    (I love that you described her as having a huge head. That's how I describe my kids, too! See today's blog post for further proof…)

  3. I think every kid does it at some point. It's when you thoroughly explain that it is forbidden, or a no-no, as it were and they do it again, that you might have a huge problem on your hands. Isn't it funny how they think they it automatically belongs to them?

    Funny post!

    By the way, "Plastic Man" was totally made up by my hubby. The boys were having a "super hero dress-up" party in which they could use anything they had and come up with their own super-hero. My husband's idea… "Plastic Man!" He has no shame.

  4. As a Mom, I have experienced this myself. It was three marbles from the dollar tree. they had fallen on the floor from one of the bags and my son picked them up and put them in his pocket. We made him go and take them back and apologize and tell the lady that he knew he was wrong by taking them. He was so embarrased but a lesson well learned.

  5. I think the SRA should get the sentence, after all she is the SRA. The perpitrator had no fore knowledge that she was committing a crime. Sentence: no Greek dessert Friday.

  6. I know she's supposed to get in trouble for that (and she should) but my gosh, she has the face of an angel!

  7. Cute post. It would be hard to look at that adorable face and dole out punishment. That is "why" I am glad I am now a gamma and i don't have to do those things anymore.

  8. Whew! I'm glad everything ended well.

    At least she didn't break anything. That can make things so much worse. Not that I would know or anything.

  9. No, no, no! No sentence and no record for Ali. It sounds like she honestly didn't know. She was hurried out of the store. She had the items in her hand and she just continued to carry them rather than carelessly drop them as I am sure that you taught her not to do. Ladies and gentleman, this was not a crime. This was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding of an obedient child who complied with her mother's request to leave the store. An obedient child who does not just carelessly drop precious items anywhere.
    Tell Ali to call me if she needs a lawyer. :)

  10. Did the suspect's friend swipe anything too? Better check their pockets, purses and diaper bags to make sure they didn't stash any loot anywhere else.

  11. The cutest criminal I know!

    We don't do a lot of mall shopping, probably for this reason (or because we don't have any malls of significant size in our BIG town). I always do a hands and cart check before we leave a store, though. I've found stuff in our bags at home that I don't remember putting on the counter for purchase (but they are always on the receipt).

    I'm amazed Ali showed remorse. I think all Esme would do is say "I'll pay for it." I get that from her all the time when I take stuff out of the cart that she put in. I've explained to her over and over that she's got a deficit balance in her allowance account due to all the breakage and destruction she's accomplished in her lifetime. She doesn't get it – she just snitches my credit cards.

  12. My son almost stole that SAME Lightning McQueen ball from the Disney store a couple months ago! You'd think they'd keep them higher up. :)

  13. My then 18th month old's first shop-lifting experience was also in the Disney store.
    What is it about that place?

  14. HAHAH!
    A friend's toddler was told to return a purloined item and the child did so SO pathetically that the store owner attempted to load the little criminal up with candy!

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