First of all, I must say thank you for all of your comments and encouragement yesterday. I’m actually (gasp) GLAD I wrote that post now!!

Second of all – seriously?? So you all want me to write more POO blogs?!?

Well, it’s your lucky day.

Because. . . Princess Gummies Changed My Daughter’s Life.

I could tell on Sunday that Ali was fighting the poo hostages again. She’d deny, then get THAT LOOK on her face, then deny and deny some more.

She managed to make it through to Monday, still stubbornly retaining.

So I made a big production of going to Target.

“What would you like – ANYTHING in the whole wide world – as a reward for when you poo-poo in the potty?”

(You can say these sorts of things to toddlers, you see, because the smallness of their world view coincides with the smallness of themselves. Don’t try it with your teenager, or you’ll be buying a brand new Cadillac Escalade. But I’m REALLY banking on the hope that they don’t need to be bribed to poo when they’re old enough to drive.)

Anyway, she quickly answered, “Cookie Bear Crackers!!!”

It took me a minute, but I realized these were Teddy Grahams. Easy enough.

I found those, but on the same aisle, spotted what I thought could potentially be the Mecca Of Existence for a non-pooping Princess.

Princess Gummies.

“Ali!! Do you know what THESE are?!?!? These are PRINCESS GUMMIES!!”

”Is Cinderella in there?!?!?!”

“Yes, she is!! And Ariel, and Belle, and Glass Slippers, and Pumpkin Carriages. . . .We’re going to get these for you to have when you poo-poo on the potty!”

She was excited, but she still managed to hold “it” firmly in place for several more hours.

Finally, it was naptime. I knew it was now or never.

(aka “Now or I’d-Be-Cleaning-Up-a-Stinky-Pull-Up-After-Naptime.”)

So I sat her on the Princess-like Throne, and pulled out what I was hoping to be Poo Magic.

Her eyes got wide.

But she still firmly said “I don’t want to poo-poo.”

“Would you like me to open them and show them to you?”


I pulled out one of each variety and dramatically exclaimed over their wonderfulness.

“Can you pull them ALL out and show me?”

I pulled them ALL out of the package – Two Cinderellas, Two Ariels, a Belle, and Two Carriages.

That did it. She couldn’t resist the temptation any longer, and she broke her poo-less principles. She bent over, bore down, turned purple, and pushed with all her might.

Princesses may not WANT to poop, but it takes a Princess to convince a Princess to try it.

We celebrated heartily. We had Princess gummies and Cookie Bear Crackers, and she inspected her work and gave me the rundown, a bit more grotesque than last time – this time it was, “I pooped a Daddy and a Mama and a Baby.”


But the REAL victory? It was unprecedented.

Today, no poops later, she needed to go, and all it took was mention of the Princesss Gummy Goodness in her future, and it was done – no days of arguing, hours of trying, and tears of completion.

TWO poos in a row. This is landmark.

I may be buying stock in Princess Gummies. I am SO happy with them right now that I don’t mind at all if I am still giving out Princess Gummies for Poo when Ali’s 16 years old.

26 thoughts on “Princess Gummies Changed My Daughter’s Life.

  1. My six year old son has had the same problem. I just can't get him to go. I will have to try something like this with him. He likes transformers. Maybe I can get him to transform.

  2. Doesn't it feel like weight lifted of your shoulders?! When Jenna finally went on her own (Sept. 12, yes, I recorded the exact date), it was THE BEST feeling. Now she's an old pro, She just yells "Mommy come wipe my hiney" after she does the deed.

  3. J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Wish I knew how to make my letters green 'cause I've totally got green eyed monster goin on.
    Yippee ki yi yay for Ali though;

  4. Amen!!! I may well win the "Worst Mother of the Year" award with this, but I've told Jackson that if he poops in his underwear one.more.time. that Santa won't bring him a pirate ship.

    I'm awful. Maybe I should just try princess gummies!

  5. AWESOME! And don't you feel like the queen of the mommies right now? This is one for the record books! (And BTW, we got the DVD yesterday. We are planning a big ballerina night Thursday to watch it!)

  6. Yay for pooing in the potty!

    Warning: there is such a thing as too many gummies. I nannied a little girl who's poo was BLUE.

  7. Sorry I missed yesterday's post!! I'm all caught up now! That was helpful not know-it-all. Thanks!
    Hip Hip Hooray!!! For Ali and you:)

  8. Oh, the beauty of Princess gummies. Who would have thought! Actually, we used to use this Jelly Belly jellybean guy that flung a single jelly bean from one hand to the other in this little plastic tube. It was awesome and all 5 loved it! I eventually passed it onto my friend, Susan, who I think might still have it and she's on baby #6.

    I do remember our firstborn going through something similar to Ali. He used to cry and cry, but the problem was his poo was hard and eventually constipated. He was associating the pooing process with pain. Not good. I used to hug him and let him squeeze me as tightly as he could as he beared down and let it go.

    I can't even believe my comment at this point!

  9. Yay, Ali!!!! And Yay, Mommy!!!

    What a great idea!! The princess just needed a little help from her fellow princesses. Haha!!

    Wouldn't the world be a better place if all of life's problems could be soled with princess gummies?

  10. My Mother gave me a crown reward chart with jewel stickers, and we promised my Princess areal metal tiara when her poopie crown was full of poopie jewels.

    It's amazing what moms say without batting an eye.

  11. I'm gonna have to keep those in mind for my princesses. Btw, I wonder if your comment numbers will go up after yesterday's post. Lol! Good tip.

  12. We are currently in the throws of potty training and having absolutely no success whatsoever! McKaylee cries when I even mention the potty, regardless of whether it is pee or poo. I hadn't thought about "treats" as a reward and I find this to be a brilliant idea. One–McKaylee is obsessed with girly snacks and, Two–she loves to eat. Thanks for the tip!

  13. So glad you found something that worked!
    It was also good to hear that there's nothing wrong with bribing your toddler…I've been feeling kinda guilty about that.

  14. Hurray! I just recently went through this potty training process. My little one has been in panties now for 2 weeks or more. I am SO happy. Congratulations! Great thinking there with the princess gummies!

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