Ali and I had the privilege of hosting AJ and Tessa for a couple of hours on Friday. Ashley was headed for a bridesmaid luncheon for THE wedding of THE year – David’s Sister-in-Law, Sherri, married a local Radio DJ, Justin. I have become convinced that between the two of them, they pretty much know everyone in this city.

Ali, of course, was thrilled to have a friend to hang out with:

IMG_4189And yes, Ali IS still wearing her pajamas. She’s like her Mommy: if given the opportunity to stay in jammies all day, why not take it?

Tessa wasn’t quite as excited to come over, but AJ made sure to follow through on her big-sisterly duties and comfort her heartily:IMG_4191

I put Ali’s Greek Dancing Skirt on Tessa, and the jingles and jangles definitely did their job of keeping her entertained (and me entertained, as well):IMG_4204

And then, I got to experience something that I haven’t done in quite some time: feed a baby to sleep:IMG_4211

Ahhh….that’s the life. If only I could drift off to sleep while eating…

Ali and AJ did not forget that it was my birthday. They made me a cake:


And sang heartily to me:

…which also led to Ali calling me “Rachel” for the rest of the day. I think it made her feel like w we were on equal footing in this relationship of ours…

AJ managed to find something that I thought I had hidden really well that I had put away for a special occasion (never) – a very over-the-top Alabama bow that Chris bought Ali:IMG_4223

Despite the fact that this child is supposedly being brought up as a Tennessee Vols fan, as soon as she found that tacky thing, she begged me to put it in her hair, then ran off to find Alabama Shakers.

Then she informed me that she wanted to play Roll Tide.

(Apparently, Ashley and David aren’t doing a very good job of passing down their values.)

I’m not the type to deny playing what you want to play, so AJ played a very rousing game of Roll Tide:IMG_4216


And then, she finally recruited Ali to play with her:


Just in case you wanted to see them in action, here’s a proper Toddler Pep Rally for you:

Pep Rally Notes:

  • No, Ali did not, in fact, actually take a DRINK of her juice. It just needed to have easy access, I suppose.
  • Yes, AJ did tell Ali that we were playing ROLL TIDE right now, not Pop Goes the Ali, and to pick up her shaker and PLAY RIGHT.
  • Yes, I suppose I might have gone a LITTLE too far in undermining AJ’s family values by encouraging them to say “Beat Them Vols”. But let’s just call it the price of my babysitting services..
  • At least I stopped short of getting out the Alabama cheerleading outfits, which AJ also begged for multiple times. (Mainly because Tessa was asleep in the room with them, but still – I should get some credit.)
  • No, AJ didn’t suffer any permanent eye injuries from all of the pom-pomage that she took to the face.

And so, if any of your toddlers need a proper schooling on how to cheer for the Crimson Tide, I have the perfect Tennessee Vols fan to teach them how.

17 thoughts on “The Post After Which AJ’s Family Disowns Me.

  1. They are so cute together. And very enthusiastic. I am not sure how Ashlely and David feel about you undermining their values but…

  2. You have to teach them correctly when they are young. It is harder as they get older. You will be a good influence on her as she gets older. Sneak it in whenever you can :)

  3. *sniff* It just *sob* does my heart *wail* so much good to see *sniff* a future Vol with… with… (it's just so special)… with TIDE SHAKERS!!!!!


  4. you have to win them over one at a time…so I'm proud of you – especially since it was TN fans…can't handle that orange mess. Can't wait to give their obnoxious coach the beat down in t-town in 2 weeks!!!

  5. My goodness but those two make a cute pair. Double trouble and all that.

    Our neighbors (Vols fans) gave my daughter a TN cheerleader outfit for her bday. VERY funny as we are Auburn people here (War Eagle!). In retaliation, we've begun hiding an Auburn garden gnome in their yard, taking pics, then moving it in a couple days. As yet they have not noticed.

  6. There shall be no babysitting of my children until you learn to properly call the Hogs. (Never mind that I'm in AR and you're in AL. I'm talking about theoretically, of course.) : )

  7. That's so funny that Ali called you Rachel all day long after hearing AJ say it…Luke has started referring to Ryan and I as "honey" b/c that's what we call each other sometimes :)
    The Pep Rally video is adorable, AJ sure is serious about her cheering, I think she might have cheerleading in her future!

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