AJ spent the night with us last night, and we headed to the hospital VERY bright and early this morning to meet her new baby sister!!

The girls were QUITE dazed on the way:

We got to the waiting room and sat down to. . . wait.

AJ waited expecantly. . .

And Ali waited sleepily.
I’m pretty sure she FELT like doing this:
But of course she didn’t. I just caught her mid-blink.

AJ got nervous. She got a morale boosting hug from Ali:

And then the moment came!!! They opened the blinds, and there stood Daddy with a new baby!!

A beautiful baby!!! But was it a boy or a girl?

David came around and told AJ the secret. She came back in and announced to us all. . .

Tessa Faith was 7 lbs 5 ozs, 20 inches long!

Everyone was overjoyed:

And Dandee changed into her appropriate pink colored shirt (she, along with the rest of us, was feeling “boy” this morning, so she came in her blue shirt. What a good Grandmother to bring both!)

Well, everyone was overjoyed but Ali. She got really quiet for about 10 minutes, then tapped me on the shoulder and said quietly, “I don’t. . .I don’t want Mommy to have a baby in her tummy.”

I guess the reality hit her.

We looked at pictures. . .

And then it was time to wait for Mommy and baby Tessa to get into a room. Everyone was feeling quite sleepy by now.

An hour or so later, we went to see new Baby Tessa up close:

And AJ fell immediately in love.

She begged to hold her over and over:

And then Baby Tessa gave AJ a present! A camera!

Baby Tessa is beautiful and happy:

And the whole family couldn’t be more thrilled.
AJ is already completely in love with her little sister.

And currently, now that we’re back home, the girls are “playing” sleep in the floor.


I think today will be a PERFECT day for an early, LONG, nap.

Congratulations, David, Ashley and AJ!!!

22 thoughts on “A New Baby!!

  1. How exciting that they waited to find out boy/girl until delivery. I wouldn’t be able to do it because I am such a planner but that is really neat that they did :)

  2. Congratulations to Ashley and family, Baby Tessa is adorable and AJ is already a great big sister!

    Cute pictures of them.

    Now we just have to wait until Tessa Kate arrives in August.

  3. Congratulations Spurling Family! Now, Ashley, when you are singing to New Baby Tessa…turn the recorder on and make me a lullaby CD!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I cannot believe how great Ashley looks in her pictue. WOW. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS to all. The whole family is beautiful. LYB

  5. That picture of Ali waiting "sleepily" is hilarious! AJ looks so happy & proud to be a big sister, I hope Luke feels the same way. Can't wait to meet baby Tessa!

  6. So sweet! I think I’m dying a little because my husband finally been turned on to the idea of having another baby and man, do I want a girl!

    Congrats to the family and what a good friend you are for keeping the big sister!

  7. I can’t imagine not knowing what I was having. I’m way too type “A” for that!!

    Congrats to the family of sweet Tessa!!

  8. Ohhh i love how you blogged that for them! Can you come do mine in November???? :) I cried reading it! LOL

    Congratulations, David, Ashley and AJ!!! Welcome to the World Baby Tessa!

  9. So exciting! Congrats to David and Ashley! I, too, thought it was going to be a boy. Now we get to have fun confusing the nursery workers with the two baby Tessas! :)

  10. Definitely save this for her. What a precious account of meeting a new sibling!

  11. Those girls are too cute. And, congrats to Ashley. She looks way better than I did after having my children!!!

    And, there is a crown for you in heaven taking care of two little girls who are too excited to sleep. You are a good friend to have, I know!

  12. Wow! So many familiar faces–everyone looks great!

    I’m dying to know…WHAT is in the sour cream and cream cheese containers? LOL. :)

  13. Those are so sweet! I love the picture of Ali waiting…she looks so tired. :) That is hilarious that she doesn't want a baby!

  14. Wow! That is an exciting day! You definitely all deserve a nice nap!

    And I’m sure Ali will change her mind about the whole baby in mommy’s tummy thing. ;)

  15. Congratulations!

    This was such a sweet post. You managed to capture the excitement and emotions so well!

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