Besides all of the baby excitement, we’ve been having a double-night sleepover with Ali’s BFF AJ.

Which, of course, means that there is now an added matching jammies sleepover picture.

Here’s the history:

April 2008, Ali: 15 Mos, AJ: 18 Mos

November 2008, Ali: 22 Mos, AJ: 25 Mos
March 2009, Ali: 26 Mos, AJ: 29 Mos

And now, Ali: 29 Mos, AJ: 32 Mos
They have had a blast. From swinging on the swing:

To doubling up (in a quite squooshed manner) in the CVS car:

To having girl talk in AJ’s “special special” bed before they went their separate ways for the night:

These girls, without a doubt, love each other.

And the great part is, they’re old enough now to invent games together. Here are a couple videos of their play from the past couple of days:

“Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy”


“Pop Goes the Ali and AJ”

But besides THEIR fun, I always learn something at every sleepover. I learned TWO things this sleepover:

1. When having a pottytraining child staying at your house, it is imperative that you make sure to use their terminology for pottytraining, not yours.

For instance, if they use “tinkle”, don’t ask them if they have to “tee tee”, and if they use the term “make a stinky”, don’t ask them if they have to “poo poo” – the answer will always be no.

However, pottytraining children are not as volatile as one might suspect. They WILL be able to hold it until you figure out the correct potty verbage.

2. Although all of Ali’s sleeping buddies are quite soft, Iris (AJ’s baby doll’s) head is QUITE heavy and loud. And, although Ali’s friends make NO noise when thrown, when Iris is thrown from a bed, it might sound like the bed itself just fell over onto a toddler.

However, it’s just Iris’ hard head. There is no need to rush up the stairs in a blinding panic.

We’ve had a wonderful sleepover, and even on their THIRD day together, the girls are still getting along beautifully. And that is a true toddler miracle!

15 thoughts on “Double Your Fun

  1. LOL everytime i see those adorable girls together I want to go get my daughter’s old Ali and AJ cd from her room! I’m not sure if she still has it ….. but…. lol

    Love the pics and matching jammies! its still hard to believe they’re not actually “related”! LOL

  2. That is SO sweet – they’re so cute together! And you’re so good at taking pictures.. I love all the pictures in matching jammies from different sleepovers. I’m gonna have to get better about taking pictures!

  3. Those pictures are absolutely adorable! I still can’t believe they aren’t related!

  4. What a sweet friendship they have. The matching jammies tradition is adorable. I loved watching the swing game.

  5. They are so cute together! I think ‘Pop goes Ali and AJ” might be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!

  6. Wow, the girls almost look like they could be twins…at least sisters. They are so cute together in all their matching outfits.

    I'm having a blog carnival over at the domestic fringe this week. Come by and check it out. Maybe you'll want to play along. It's open for all!


  7. Adorable video! And yes, that IS a miracle that they were getting along so well after 3 days together!

    The Iris head thing…hilarious! Only because I've done the same thing before only to find out it was a hard toy.

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