Apparently, hiding our M&M consumption from our toddler is a big trend in our parenting. It doesn’t seem like we eat that many, but considering this is my third blog on the subject, maybe I need to reassess my habit.

Hold on. I’ll be right back.

Okay. Needed to get some M&M’s. Much better now.

So anyway, I wasn’t feeling too good a couple of days ago, so I snuck a handful of the best cure for all female ailments, M&M’s.

(Which, by the way, my wonderful hubby picked up on my hint and learned from CVS’ failures and surprised me with a bag of Premium Mint M&M’s yesterday.


He’s the best!)

Back to the story. The reason I didn’t share my M&M’s with Ali was because she and I were headed upstairs to get her ready for naptime.

However, Ali must’ve smelled it.

She got suspicious and whipped around.

I had just stuffed the last ones in my mouth and showed her my empty hand, while trying to pull my cheeks in to make it look like my mouth wasn’t, in fact, stuffed with chocolatey goodness.

She calculated.

She analyzed.

Then she said decidedly:

“Mommy ate her medicine.”

With my full mouth, I said “mm hmm.”

“Mommy ate it to feel better.”

“mm hmm.”

“Does Mommy feel better?”

“mmmmm HMMM.”

15 thoughts on “Yet Another M&M Deception.

  1. That is too funny! I do the same thing. I have my little candy stash that I eat during naps or after they go to bed because they always catch me:)

  2. You’re psychic.I was just thinking about the post about the letter after O yesterday.:)

  3. It's amazing how those little M&M's cure all, isn't it? Mark used to bring me Skittles and called them "Sweet Pills." I guess he was hoping they would make me sweet again.

  4. Oh, those mint ones are ridiculously good! Have you tried the mocha ones? Chocolate-coffee goodness!

    We used to reward the kids for doing their potty training business with M&Ms. We ate more than they did.

    (How did I manage to make this comment about poop? LOL! You are influencing me!)

  5. I just read the letter after "O" post, and I laughed out loud! I've never heard of the mint M & M's or the mocha ones, they sound delicious, I might have to go to the store before small group tonight!

  6. Hahaha, I feel like having a kid is a good diet…I can’t have chips or cookies or anything without her catching me and wanting some too!

    I laughed out loud at the other post where your husband brought home some “pee pee”. :)

  7. I can so relate to the love of M & M's. So glad you got to take your medicine and feel better.

    When Austin, our oldest, was about 18 months old or a tad younger, I distinctly remember quietly going into the kitchen to dip my hand into the m & m stash that was in a jar, when I heard his little footsteps come running into the kitchen. He asked, "Having?" in his little toddler way. Half of them were in my mouth and the other half I generously handed over to him since I was found out. From that day forward he remembered that jar.

  8. Too funny! Enjoy the your "medicine" for as long as it lasts. Before too long, she will be sneaking to take medicine too. LOL

    I used to have a serious addiction to peanut M&M's. I was a teen and had that great metabolism that could handle eating tons of those fattening things everyday. Now I can look at them and gain weight.

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