On Sunday, we had a baby shower during Sunday School for Christen, Ryan and their upcoming baby Aubrey. It was a lot of fun – so much fun that poor Chris never got to teach.

As we were getting ready to leave, one of the mentor ladies in our class (read here: older than us but NOT old – don’t want to get in trouble) came up to Christen and I. She was explaining to Christen that it had been a LONG time since she bought diapers, and so she had no idea if they were right, but that there was a receipt in the bottom of the bag.

Then, as she was walking away, as an afterthought, she said (louder, since she was walking away), “Oh, and there’s a little something for you in the bottom of the bag, too, but you just won’t be able to use it until six weeks after the baby comes.”

Christen and I stared at each other with big, open mouths and wide eyes, then both simultaneously burst out laughing.

Ryan, Christen’s husband, was standing near enough to catch the end of the conversation, so of course had to add, “So it’s a present for ME, then, right?”

Of course, all of us are now thinking that we need to find that present and see what’s in the bottom of it – nothing like curiosity to get you to open a present.

By now, our unnamed-so-I-don’t-embarrass-her mentor had turned around to see what we were laughing about.

She stared, puzzled, at us, and said, “What? It’s bubble bath!! Don’t the doctors still say you have to wait six weeks to take a bath?”

“No, That’s not what the doctors tell US we have to wait six weeks for!!”

By now, unnamed-mentor has turned completely red and a bit “glisteny”, as she realized what she just implied loudly to the whole Sunday School class.

She left the room, fanning herself, shaking her finger at me and warning me not to blog about this.

Lucky for you, she caved.

And, for the record, NO ONE else in the class had EVER heard that you weren’t allowed to take a bath for six weeks after giving birth.

umm. . .and I know that fact because we made sure we told everyone else in the class that had been out of earshot about our exchange before we left.

17 thoughts on “I’d Hate to Catch a Whiff of Women Back Then. . .

  1. oh my goodness that is TOO funny! And I haven’t heard of the no bubble bath for 6 weeks either!

  2. That is too funny. Actually, I had heard you weren’t supposed to take a bath at all until 6 weeks after. Supposedly because of the risk of infection. Who knows?

  3. This was a funny moment. I am surprised you left her unnamed! What a merciful blogger you are.

  4. That is so funny. I’m glad she caved and let you blog about it. Too too funny. I’m laughing pretty hard now… :) :)

  5. oh dear i would still be in a heap of hurt if you weren’t supposed to take baths.. I would take “sits” baths: get the water as hot as you can stand it and sit in there for as long as you can. This helps with the healing, namely the swelling.. then come out of the bath and go lay on the couch with a ziplock bag of frozen peas. Sorry, hope this isn’t too much info..

  6. Too funny!

    I had heard something about not taking bubble baths after giving birth, but my doctor told me it was fine.

  7. I haven’t heard the bath thing, but I am constantly saying stuff like that. So much so, that now before anything comes out of my mouth, I think through ALL possible interpretations before speaking. Yeah, I’m just paranoid like that…

  8. I was told not to use soap or bubble bath for 6 weeks after having Emily. I could sit in hot water, for a few minutes, if my stitches were bothering me, but was told not to add anything to the water. That hot water was enough, though… I was in quite a bit of pain, I can’t imagine irritating it with soap or bubble bath.

  9. Hahaha, that’s hilarious! I’ve never heard the bath thing…in fact a nurse told me that soaking in a tub full of epsom salts would help with the soreness.

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