Conquer the Caption

So I took a week off to contemplate the meaning of life and the continuance of Conquer the Caption.

Or maybe I took a week off because I was on vacation. One or the other.

But I seriously have wondered – should I keep CtC going? It doesn’t seem to have taken off yet, and it is somewhat of a low commented series (I track post popularity by comments, so if you like a series, ya gotta speak up!!).

However, let’s give it another week and see how it goes.

Last CtC was a special “What the heck is this” edition. I found this thing in my yard and was completely befuddled as to what it was:
As were all of you. No one had a good plausible answer (it’s too glass-like to be polymer clay, too big to be jewelry, etc. . .), but I definitely give the Conquer Prize to Kitty for her creative explanation and justification of said explanation:

I think it is an alien brain fossilized. You can see the eyeball clearly. It is one of ET’s relatives I am sure.

I like it. And, by the way, it’s still sitting in my kitchen. So if any of you paranormal researchers out there would like it for your studies, let me know.

Now, for this week’s CtC, I’m going to give you two pictures to choose from (or caption both, if you’re feeling feisty) from our family vacation:

Photo A:

Photo B:

Here’s how to play:

  1. Write a caption for the above picture(s) and post it in the comments of THIS POST.
  2. Put up your OWN photo (not mine) on your own blog and link it here (using a permalink – let me know if you don’t know how) with the mister linky below. Then other people (like me) can come to your blog and write captions for YOUR photo, too!

11 thoughts on “Conquer The Caption: Week Seven

  1. A) Just a sec. Let me get my teeth out. (Don’t tell your mom (?) I wrote that! No offense intended!!)

    B) show me the money!

  2. Picture B)

    Wow! Mommy and I really fooled Daddy with the old “Cut Your Thumb Off Trick!”

  3. 1st – “Ugh, these are definitely not as good as the honeysuckle!”

    2nd – “Daddy, I need some moolah so I can go by myself a snack.”

  4. I’m terrible with the caption thing, but you have just GOT to find out what that thing is. I was wondering about it just yesterday (really) and wondered if you had it figured out.

  5. I stink at captions, that's why I don't participate.

    For the first picture, I see it & think, "finger linking good".

    For the second picture, what came to mind was:

    "Muy delicioso" (very delicious)

  6. A. “I can’t believe I just licked her toe!”

    B. “Come quick, sugar Daddy!”

    This is a fun game…I don’t have time to post any pics right now, but I love the CtC! You are so creative!!

  7. Oh, Rachel I made her a necklace, bracelet, ring, anklet. But you know Ali she wants a hair bow; how oh, how???????

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