First of all, let’s announce the winner for the Kid Dictionary Book Giveaway!! The winner is TwinHappyJen! Congratulations!!

Now, it is time for the April Reader Appreciation Giveaway!!!

As usual, there will be two prizes: one randomly chosen from one of my top 10 commenters of March, and one randomly chosen from ANYONE who comments on this post.

And the prizes this month are. . . .$10 Gift Certificates to your choice of Starbucks or Bruster’s Ice Cream!!

I’ve been craving Starbucks like crazy lately, so you must be too.

Err. . . right?

Oh. I guess not.

Well, that’s why you have the choice of Bruster’s. So there.

So, the top 10 commenters this month (I love you ladies!!!) are, in alphabetical order:

Amanda T.
Amy Wade (check out her amazing new blog design that she won here a couple of weeks ago!! It is TOO cute!!!)
Ann Marie
Carol (Check out her amazing adventures in England – she and her family explored STONEHENGE this week!!)
Mama Hen

EVERY SINGLE ONE of you readers mean more to me than you know – your comments keep me writing and inspired!!

Remember – EVERYONE is eligible (even those entered for the top commenter prize) – Be sure to leave a comment on this post to be entered to win!! You can comment anything you like. But, if you’re needing some direction, how about commenting. . . what your favorite Starbucks or ice cream flavor is.

This giveaway closes on April 20th, and the winners will be announced on April 21st.

40 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners and New Giveaways, Oh My!!!

  1. We love you too! Your blog has become apart of my daily routine. This weekend I had an experience that would have made a good blog story.It involved a trip to the ER. I actually thought how would Rachel write about this in her blog.

  2. We don’t have Brusters here, and would you believe I’ve NEVER had Starbucks? Except for their cold coffee drinks sold in stores. Must change that…

  3. Cool give-away! Coffee and ice cream…mmm…coffee ice cream…yummy…wait. What were we talking about again?

  4. I too love your blog! You have been a big inspiration for me with my blog.

    I guess my favorite ice cream would be anything chocolate with brownie in it. Tyler says Moose Tracks and Abbie says strawberry. Matt likes Purple Dinosaur (not sure what that is) and James likes anything you give him.

  5. You can’t go wrong with Starbucks or ice cream, but on a suddenly very chilly day like today – I am thinking Starbucks sounds pretty yummy.

  6. I don’t drink coffee… it stunts your growth! Ha-ha! But I am a regular at Brusters! Love their key lime pie ice cream in the summer and just about any other flavor any other time!

  7. Thanks for another great giveaway!

    I’m totally in love with Bruster’s black raspberry sorbet. It is heaven on earth!

  8. I don’t drink coffee and I’ve never heard of Buster’s…does that disqualify me? :)

  9. Would you believe that I've only been to Starbucks once? Crazy, huh? I had hot chocolate & it was really yummy. It had cinnamon in it. So good!

  10. I’m not a coffee person but I certainly am an ice cream person. I could do some damage at Brusters.

  11. Sweet! (pun intended)
    I heart triple grande non fat no whip mochas from Sbux
    and any form of chocolate ice cream at Brewsters!

  12. Never been to Bruster’s, but heard it’s good. But I’d choose Starbucks. I like Caramel Frapps.

  13. I love the Strawberry Frappachino from Starbucks…yummy! I’m a new followeer…love your blog so far.

  14. Without you,I wouldn’t have a precious new blog professionally designed!

    I’m always wanting Starbucks!

  15. oh i love brusters. not one in my town, but in a couple of neighboring cities that i visit regularly. :) of course if i liked coffee this freezing cold weather would be a good time for that one too. :)

  16. Well, I’ve never heard of Brusters, but I do love the Starbucks Coffee Frappucino- light of course.

    wolfcarol451 at gmail dot com

  17. My daughter in law and my granddaughter love to go to Starbucks as sort of a Mother/Daughter talk time. So, if I won I would send it to them. I’m not sure what their favorites are but they are real Starbucks fans.

  18. I could go for a Vanilla Bean Frap from Starbucks about now. Or maybe a Caramel Frap. Hmmmmm, the Strawberries and Creme is good too!

  19. Wonderful! Glad this comp is open to all, even the slackers :) Starbucks would my option, as I truly dig their iced chai lattes (not that I indulge in them too often!) Thanks for the entry!

  20. Starbucks favorite flavor would have to be one they had at Christmastime….white peppermint mocha. Delicious!

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