Thank you all SO MUCH for your overwhelming support yesterday that I am, in fact, a normal human being.



I mean thank NO ONE but Alice and Kitty!!

That’s okay. I can take it. I am happy to be an oddity if I can entertain the masses. (sniff)

But one thing can be for sure: if someone didn’t understand my blog title’s meaning, they certainly should after yesterday’s post.

In other fun post news, I put up a video of Ali on B-Sides yesterday that is still cracking me up. Of course that could be because I’m her mother. But if you want to see if it’s actually funny or if I’m just overly amused by my child, click here.

Okay. Now time for the actual post:

I must make a accuracy correction to my first “Mom Jeans and Long Butt” scientific experiment.

You know how in the experiment overview I gave our Mommy statuses?

Well, Lydia’s was inaccurate.

She DOES have three kids, but she had one more on the way, unbeknownst to us at the time!

So, she was not only a hot Momma of three kids in those jeans, but she was a hot PREGNANT Momma of three kids in those jeans!!
Just thought you should know.

However, apparently Ali had it figured out all along.

I was careful to not tell Ali that Lydia was pregnant because I was afraid she would tell someone, but the very night after Lydia told me, when we were getting ready for bed, I asked Ali who she wanted to pray for.

She immediately responded: “Lydia, and Radford (Lydia’s son), and Lydia’s Tummy.”

Which, since we pray for a LOT of pregnant bellies right now, is code for “The baby in Lydia’s tummy.”


At any rate, she is due in November, so be sure to leave Lydia some congratulations here!!!

10 thoughts on “Correction in the Name of Science

  1. Yea Lydia!!! Who knew!? :)
    What if it’s another boy? That’d be great!! (of course it’ll be great if it’s a girl too).

  2. Congratulations to Lydia, it is strange that Ali knew but maybe she heard you talking or maybe she has a sixth sense about things.

    For the record I don’t think you are weird for keeping records, it would just be strange for me because I am nowhere near that type A, I am way type B. If it makes you happy who are we to judge, and I am sure we all have something we do OCD that would be considered weird. And maybe one day I will share mine.

  3. Congratulations Lydia!! The night I came to small group you hinted but didn’t want to know, i guess it is official now. And Ali knew all along, so we will pray for your belly. LYB.

  4. Congratulations to Lydia – again! I’m glad I don’t have to keep that bit of news under my hat any more. :)

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