Conquer The Caption: Week Four

Conquer the Caption
It’s Conquering time again!!

First to announce last week’s winner:


“So this is how Hans Solo felt.”

Congratulations, Leanna! You really just can’t beat that.

And now for this week’s picture. . .

Here’s how to play:
  1. Write a caption for the above picture and post it in the comments of THIS POST.
  2. Put up your OWN photo (not mine) on your own blog and link it here (using a permalink – let me know if you don’t know how) with the mister linky below. Then other people (like me) can come to your blog and write captions for YOUR photo, too!

Leave your comment below!


  1. Ali: “Oh here we go again, she’s making us pose!”
    AJ: “What are you talking about? I’m ready for my close-up.”

  2. Ali: “Calgon, take me away” It’s from an old commercial.

    You would not have even been born yet, but ask your mom.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ali: “Lord help me. She showed up wearing the same outfit AGAIN!!! What does she take us for – TWINS?!?!?”

  4. ~Amanda~ says:

    Ali: “Thank you Jesus that AJ came over to play!”

    Aj: “I’m sleepy Ali..let’s go night night.”

  5. 3carnations says:

    Oops, I didn’t actually post a photo. Please remove my link. I thought that was the place to comment.

    Anyway, my caption:

    “Please, PLEASE let her fall asleep soon!”

  6. Tyson, Rachel and Kariya says:

    “Oh Lord, give me patience with my friends!”

  7. “Thank Heaven she is finally asleep!”

  8. “heaven help me. what am i going to do with this girl?” i’ll post a link to my photo shortly. :)

  9. amykiane says:

    just posted in mr. linky to my post with a photo.

  10. Kitty Engle says:

    Ali: “Lord thank you so much for my BFF AJ.”

  11. Doesn’t she know this is MY room!!!

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