LAST UPDATE on the snow:

I was dying for some snow cream, so I took the only milk left in the house:
And turned it into this:
She didn’t mind too much:
We took one last walk, with our neighbor Christie and her dog Haley, after the last wave of snow and right before it started to melt (which all happened much too quickly, might I add). There were some beautiful sites:
After that, it quickly melted away, and although that was only three hours ago, there are barely traces of the winter wonderland left. Ah, Alabama weather.

UPDATE at 10:30AM:

At 9AM, Ali got to see her first real snow!!!

As soon as we heard her stirring, we ran in her room excitedly and declared snow. We whipped her out of bed (she was still approximately 83% asleep) and put about 10 layers of clothes on her:She started out underimpressed, to say the least.
She wouldn’t walk on the snow (or, what she said was “kinda like sand”), so she had to walk on the as yet uncovered road:
We saw some kids using “Alabama Sleds”:
Ali tasted her first snow after we promised her it was like ice:
I stood her up in the snow for half a second:
. . .before she fell on her butt and started crying.

So we came inside and ate breakfast, when I happened to look out the window and catch our 10 year old neighbor with his pants down.


Makin’ yellow snow.
All done and headed inside!
After breakfast, Ali was more awake, and begged to go back out in the snow. By this time, it was blizzarding!!

Well, Alabama blizzarding anyway.
A kindly walking-by neighbor (NOT making yellow snow, thank goodness) took our picture out in front of our house:
Chris’ head covering:
Freddy and Christie’s poor flower bush:
Her Hello Kittys takin’ a beating:
Admiring the snow. Both she and I.
I’ll update more later! Be sure to check back, because I’m just updating this one post.

I absolutely love Alabama’s weather.

It’s so perfectly confused.

We go from 70 degrees to 20 degrees on a weekly basis during the winter, and you never get tired of one thing.

In December, we enjoyed a gorgeous day at the park.

In February, we loved romping in the ocean.

And on the first day of March, I couldn’t be more thrilled that we are having our first true snow since 2000!
The flowers, however, are not as thrilled, nor are they prepared for our crazy weather:
Ali is still asleep, so she will get to wake up to a Winter Wonderland: one of the best feelings in the world if you’re a kid in Alabama. I will have many more pictures of her in the snow later.

I will just be updating this post, so if you’re waiting for a new blog to come up in a feed reader, it won’t happen. Be sure to check back here, or I will be twittering when I update at ObjectivityRach.

11 thoughts on “Snow DOES happen in Alabama!!!

  1. Hey Rachel, we have that lack of snow thing in common. I guess I figured that Alabama gets little to no snow. So glad you got to experience it again after so many years.

  2. Can you believe this? When they were talking about it on the TV yesterday I didn’t believe it. James loved it. He watched his brothers with the snowballs and he had to throw a little himself. I’ll get pics up later.

  3. Yay for snow! It’s just starting to snow here, as I type this. Big huge flakes coming down. Supposedly we are going to get 3-5 inches. For the last 3 yrs, we’ve gotten nothing more than a dusting, so 3-5 inches will be a lot of fun!

    I’ll be posting pictures if it does snow that much! Have fun!

  4. It’s always a bit depressing to me when it starts to melt and turn into brown slush. It was especially sad to watch our snowman melt away. I kept thinking of the Wicked Witch from “The Wizard of Oz”- “I am melting, meeelllltttinnng! Next time, I’ll have to remember not to build him right outside the kitchen window so I don’t have to watch the painful process. : )

  5. Thanks for the greaat pics. I cannot believe how pretty it was there. Be careful in the am. LYB, kitty

  6. The picture of the trees was beautiful! I too can’t believe that we saw 2 inches of snow in Alabama. Wasn’t it fun!

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