AJ came to spend the night with Ali last night, and they have been having quite the time.

She came bearing gifts: a sucker. Ali had never had a sucker before:
but she wasn’t impressed. She just couldn’t understand why the candy was supposed to stay on the stick, as it made MUCH more sense for it to go in her mouth.

We took them to Taziki’s for dinner, where they got to share everything. Ali shared her favorite play secret with AJ, “ride the pony”:
They shared making a huge mess with the salt,
they shared food,
And had one last shared ride of the pony.
Then we came home and played marbles, a favorite pasttime but not recommended for toddlers who eat things.
Luckily, these two girls are not that sort of toddler.

Put them on their eyes, maybe. But not eat them.
This playtime also afforded me the opportunity to get a few cute “head shots” of them:
. . .and then Ali decided that she no longer wanted to wear her hair band, and this Dolly Parton look was the result:
Yes, she will be going into the country music industry in no time.

Then, of course, we had to get their traditional “matching jammies” sleepover shot. For reference, here is Sleepover Number One in April ’08, 11 months ago:

And here is Sleepover Number Two in November ’08, 4 months ago:And here is now:
I think they hit the peak of looking like twins in November, and they don’t really look alike as much anymore. How about you?

Because Chris was helping me get them to smile, there were touchdowns. . .
and clapping. . .
but apparently, AJ’s Daddy took note of her ease in learning “Roll Tide” last time she slept over, because this time it was VERY apparent that she had been well-versed in “Go Vols” and “Go Big T”. And not only was she taught those phrases, but apparently she was taught to say those things when someone (i.e. Chris) suggested that she say “Roll Tide”.So, David and Ashley, you can rest assured that your parental training still stays with her, even when other grownups try to tell her to do something that she knows she’s not supposed to do.

Then it was time for bed. We read the bible together. . .
and prayed together. . .
and then I used one of those tricks that ONLY works once. We got both of their rooms ready, then in an excited voice, I said, “Who wants to go night night first?!?!?”, and AJ immediately started jumping up and down excitedly and saying, “I do!! I do!!”

How do I know that it only works once? Because I tried it at naptime today and Ali immediately answered, “AJ!” while AJ simultaneously answered, “Ali!!”.

Oh well. If only I could come up with a new one-time trick every time, how great would that be?

This morning, they shared breakfast,
but were much more interested in my juicing demonstration, especially guessing which color of juice was going to come out next:
And then they both enjoyed the results very much.
Hopefully AJ’s parents won’t accuse me of trying to turn her into a hippy, drinking fresh juice and whatnot.

So then I dressed them up. . .
And I would love to say that they asked to match, because they did, (once I suggested it), but I will admit that I am dweeby and enjoy matching them. So there.

Then we went to McWane Center, where they caught virtual butterflies:
And discovered their new favorite exhibit, the crane:
All in all, I do believe that they have had the best of times.

10 thoughts on “Sleepover Bliss

  1. OK, so I guess I am reading. LOL That sleepover was adorable to take a little peek into. My girls have friends that are sisters and they used to do that. Our friends would take our kids and then we would take theirs to have a little break. Plus the kids loved it!

    Back then our numbers were way off. We had 5 kids and they had 2 for just a short time. Kind of unfair in the babysitting department, dontcha’ think? They have since beat us. They have 6 and we have 5. I have a funny feeling they’re not done either.

  2. Oh, they are so cute. They don’t look so much like twins anymore, but they could pass for sisters easily.

    Abbie has a friend her exact age like that and we (the moms) have said they are going to be best friends forever whether they like it or not!

  3. I was thinking the same thing. They don’t look like twins, but still look like sisters. I think it was in part the curly hair that made them look so much alike, and AJ’s looks like it’s getting straighter.

  4. They are so absolutely adorable together! I’d be matchdressing them constantly!

    Esme got her first sucker from a store clerk several weeks ago. She had no problem figuring out what to do with it. I wish I could get more interest in healthy eating from that kid!

  5. They are too cute and look as if they had a blast. :) I do think they are starting to look less like twins though. :) I’m glad they had fun. :)

  6. Looks like they had a lot of fun! I love the first headshot of Ali. She is absolutely beautiful.

    I also love that you dress them alike. They may not look like identical twins, but they sure look like they could be sisters.

  7. You are so incredibly brave to take on someone else’s toddler for an overnighter.

    Did i miss the part when you said how she’s connected to your family?

  8. Looks like they had a great time together! They are just too cute and I think they still look like sisters. Like Jennifer said, not twins, but definitely sisters! :)

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