I STILL have more to tell you about our trip to Atlanta, but for now, I bring you the play-by-play of an extraordinarily adventurous pursuit: a Photo Shoot of a 7 month old and a 2 year old.

I bring you, Ali and Woods:

Woods started out too interested for Ali’s taste:

WAAY too interested:
So of course she strongarmed him in a typical two-year-old fashion:

Which made him say, “ooooh. Pretty Bracelet.”
Nope, she didn’t like that either.
So of course, hold it out of baby’s reach! He giggles evilly with glee at his success in getting under her skin:
And goes for it again. And gets another strongarm:
Since that wasn’t working out for her, she tried to “let me be your friend – will you sit still then?!?” approach:(I love that picture. They look like a little old couple, grumpy at the world.)

So she thought and she thought and she thought. . .. . .and she prayed. . .

Discussing their thoughts:

“Can you believe this woman?!?! SO snobby!!”

First picture of them both looking AND smiling. It’s a miracle!!

Ali busts out laughing. Woods takes this as an opportunity to make his move. . .
Oh yeah. Hand on the girl’s back: achieved.
She’s flattered. He’s proud.

OOH!! I see!!! You just put the bracelet on the other hand!!!

Trying the hand holding approach again, since it worked last time:

Not this time.

Resorting to The Ultimate Strongarm.
(I promise, no babies were injured, or really even discouraged from their mission, in this photo shoot.)

Maybe I can fool her into thinking that I’m asleep. . .

“We need to talk. This just isn’t working.”

Now everyone’s awkward.

Please? Just one more chance?
And then, finally then, I got the picture I was after:


31 thoughts on “A Saint Patty’s Day Parade O’ Pictures

  1. OK, too cute. I love the picture of the pondering! But the whole story was really funny! What I wanna know is how long this whole montage really took because it looks like you successfully had two babies sitting there for a really really long time without any kind of crying! And that’s impressive!!!

  2. Yes, inquiring minds would like to know- how exactly did you manage that photo shoot without any tears?!

    Oh, and I’m super impressed you captured one with both of them smiling- that is a huge feat in itself. I have the hardest time getting all mine to smile at the same time :)

    Love your commentary :)

  3. Okay – in the name of science and due to the overwhelming requests for this information, I went back and looked. The first picture was taken at 10:26am, and the last picture was at 10:33am. So all of seven minutes, people!! Not as big of an accomplishment as it may have looked.

    I told you I had my camera on continuous shot!

    But it sure felt like longer. Seriously – I can’t believe it was only 7 minutes. Wow.

  4. All those pics were funny and cute, but the ‘Please give me just one more chance’? That one is soooo funny! I had a good little chuckle this morning, lol, thanks!

  5. They do look like a grumpy old couple! Those are great pictures and your commentary is fo funny.

    Sorry about your Atlanta hotel adventure. I probably would have waited in the car until hubby arrived. I’m chicken (and lazy) like that.

  6. Haha I can so relate. I have an almost 23 month old and an almost 11 month old and that’s how all our shoots go. :) Cute cute!

  7. Tell Barkley that her son is TOO cute!!! You just want to pick him up and squeeze him!

    This was so cute and funny! Good job!

  8. That was hysterical. I was laughing out loud. They really did look like a grumpy old couple in that one shot. You captured the whole thing beautifully.

    I love Woods’ name. How cool is that?

  9. quick question…

    How do you store the loads of pictures you take? I
    take tons as well, and my computer is slowing down because of it. Argh!

    I have a mac if that means anything.

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