Thanks to the evil stomach virus attacking my poor child, this has been my view today:
Yes, she refused clothes but wanted her necklace on. When toddlers are liable to puke on you at any second, you give them what they want.

So, what with stomach virusing and everything else that could have possibly gone wrong going wrong today, I’m going to share some happy pictures of sunnier days in the not-too-distant past:
There. I already feel better! And she is feeling much better, too, by the way. I think we’re through the worst of it. Thanks for all of your kind words and prayers this week!

7 thoughts on “My View, Adjusted.

  1. She is adorable!! Is she sitting on your coffee table…my kids do this too and our poor coffee table has had it but hey it’s memories in the making.

  2. Poor thing! I’m sorry she was sick. I love that little sun dress she was wearing. You have the cutest clothes for her.

  3. So you like my WW post, huh? It kinda goes along with all the vomiting I was picturing in your end of the world. LOL

  4. Bless your hearts! I hope happy times are coming back your way soon. Prayers are still going up for you all!

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