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You remember when I was so excited that I finally found one personality trait of mine that Ali had?

Yeah, well that was pretty much the only one. It’s really a great thing that she’s like her Daddy, because after all, I think he’s pretty much perfect, but it’s still nice to see yourself in your child EVERY once in a while.

Of course if she WERE like me, I might not like what I see at all. Anyway, I digress.

Yesterday, I learned yet another trait of her Daddy’s that she has. I mean, I guess I already knew she had it, but yesterday I learned that it was dangerous.


Her Daddy does everything thoroughly, perfectly, and meticulously. I am all about accuracy myself, but accuracy with speed. So sometimes I just might cut a corner here or there in the name of doing things in the most efficient way possible.

Chris? Never.

Ali is like Chris.

We were at work for a few minutes yesterday. Everyone at work has something in their cubicle that Ali likes to play with.

(Which is why she is the ONLY person in the WORLD that starts squealing “WE’RE AT WORK!!! YAAAAAY!!!” as soon as the office comes into view.)

Bonnie has a heart that hangs on her wall. Every time we go to work, Bonnie gets down the heart for Ali, and Ali carries it around with her the whole time, then hands it back to Bonnie to hang on the wall.

Yesterday, however, Bonnie was at lunch when it was time to go.

So as I was finishing up, I told Ali to take the heart and put it in Bonnie’s cube. I assumed that she knew what I meant was “Please take the heart and put it on Bonnie’s desk so that Bonnie can hang it on the wall when she gets back from lunch.”

However, that is not at all what Ali heard.

I finished up what I’m doing and walk around the cubicle wall to find this horrifying scene:
Yes. Ali climbed up on the chair, got the 2 inch T-Pin out of the wall, and was pinning the heart back onto the wall. EXACTLY where it came from.




So naturally, instead of saving my child from impending doom, I took pictures.
While standing close enough to stop any catastrophe, of course.
(if you’re wondering about the strange stickers on her arm, that’s the special treat she gets from TIM – hole reinforcers.)

Task completed.
Thank goodness she has her father’s carefulness to go with his thoroughness.

10 thoughts on “Just Like Her Daddy, THOROUGH and Through

  1. Very very funny! I’m here by way of 5min4mom, and had to laugh at those pictures! My son is that same way (of course, right now, he’s putting a piece of plastic garbage on his shirt and calling it a “tie” so maybe not). But usually, he and my husband are one and the same that way, everything has to be just so. Very cute though!

  2. She is too cute. I think she probably has a lot of each of you in her. I remember her saying, “Axiomatically Bombastic” and she sounded just like Mommy. That was a cute video you shared. What words has your pastor imparted to you most recently?

    Thanks for noticing my non-Mom t-shirt, too, and encouraging me. I love that it says, “My Husband Rocks” as well.

  3. Samuel does the exact same thing – his major ones are making sure that doors are always closed after he goes through them and turning lights on and off as you enter and leave a room. It is almost irritating sometimes, but throughness is definitely good in many situations!

  4. That is SO funny! Her & Mia are seriously twins. Loved that you took pictures of it too instead of getting her down:)

  5. Hi! I ran across you through the 5 minutes for mom blog… As if you didn’t have me at “mom jeans/long butt,” it turns out you are in Alabama, too!?! I am following you now! You have a great, very funny blog. :)

  6. Love it! She is too funny! And good job not snatching her down and taking pics instead. It’s like she’s a third-born instead of a first-born. No, wait, you don’t take that many pictures of your third-born (sad, but true).

  7. I love that you took pictures instead of getting her away from the pin that could put her eye out. You’re silly. But that’s cute…and sweet that she tried to put the heart back for Bonnie. I miss Ali coming to see me at the office. Those were fun days.

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