We’re back!

Now I was going to be done with blogging about the beach.

However, Chris wanted to actually go on the beach yesterday before we left. I have this very strange quirk that I don’t like going on the actual beach the day that we leave. Especially if we hadn’t been on the beach the whole trip before that point. It’s depressing or something.

But he wanted to go, and so in an attempt to pump me up about this, he said, “Just think of all of the great blogging pictures you can take. Your readers will love it! They’ll feel like they’re on the sunny beach in the middle of February!”

Now I was not opposed to going to the beach for him, but I disagreed with his logic. I said, “No they won’t. They’ll just be jealous and bitter.”

He said, “Yes they will!! They live vicariously through your blog. It makes them happy to see happy things.”

I said, “No, they like being entertained by me, but they much prefer being entertained by sadistic things like me getting injured while sleepwalking, being scared to death by a squirrel in my shower, or things they can related to like the weird dinnertime conversations of families, or just truly bizarre occurrences like bellydancing and droves of people dressed up like Jabba the Hut and such. They don’t want to see me simply having a good time at the beach. Especially in February.”

So feel free to weigh in on the issue. I still think I’m right, but I’m going to share pictures with you anyway. Because I’m just that submissive of a wife.

Sunday morning before we went to the beach, Ali and I had our traditional photo shoot in Kitty and Leo’s back yard. I don’t know why their yard is so perfect for taking pictures, but the lighting is just right. They really should turn it into a timeshare for photographers.
(Barkley, please take note of her Gymboree outfit that we got on sale at the outlet mall. You have finally succeeded in getting me to actually shop there. Or at least at the outlet.)Then we went up to the top of the pier again to enjoy the beautiful day. Ali enjoyed tip-toeing to see over the railing with Daddy:
Then we got some family pictures. If you notice the scary drop-off between the railing and the roof, please know that we held her hand the whole time. According to Chris, there are NO building codes with regards to piers, so this pier is actually much safer than it has to be, thank goodness.
“Daddy play ring-a-rosies!!”This is who Ali gets her curly hair from, if you ever wondered. . .
Watchin’ for fishies. . .
So here’s where we headed to the beach. Ali was squealing from excitement about it, until Chris tried to put her down in the sand. NO THANK YOU!!
But she was all too happy to walk in it once we got to the hard-packed stuff.
Ali with her favorite people of the weekend:
She actually loved getting wet. It was in the 70’s and not windy, but the water was still pretty chilly. She didn’t seem to mind.
Even when she fell in, she loved it.She found a fragment of a seriously boring looking shell and held onto it the whole time. It managed to make it home with us.
On the car ride back, she slept great again – two hours! Which afforded me enough time to get the rarest sort of picture – sleeping ones.
Oh, and thanks to upcoming Mardi Gras and Leo’s generosity, all of Ali’s greatest hopes and wishes of accessory heaven were achieved this weekend.

She sported the I’m-an-80’s-glam-queen look,
The 70’s-flower-child look,
and the 00’s-I’m-an-axiomatically-bombastic-rapper look.
And believe it or not, she had another set of necklaces that I just realized that I never even got a picture of. Oh yes, the accessory queen has a whole new set of accessories now. They will go so nicely with her rainboots, sunglasses, and mittens.

10 thoughts on “The One-Too-Many Beach Blog

  1. Ali’s outfit is waaay cute! Hey, I will only buy their sale stuff too. The regular priced clothing is outrageous!!! Oh, and you are getting really, really good at taking pictures (they look more like portraits)!

  2. cute pics!
    for the record, i dont mind beachy pictures…they make me a bit jealous, but thats ok!
    and I like your t-shirt…cute puffed sleeves…is that shirt Advil-colored though?? ;)

  3. I’m kind of in the middle on this one. I enjoyed the beach journal and the humor you threw in there like the “axiomatically bombastic rapper” look. I can still hear Ali repeating after you in the most adorable way in the video you posted.

    You are very entertaining! AND I love the pictures. I’m not even jealous about your beach trip and I don’t know why.

  4. The photos are really cute. I smiled, my daughter will always say “oh but mom you can write about this” as she knows I love to write. There are also times my kids will say “mom don’t you dare blog about this” LOL. It’s so nice to come back and visit those who participated in the bloggy carnival.

  5. I love the pictures, especially the one where she wants no part of walking in the sand and it holding herself up. It amazes me how they can hold themselves up like that..Grcaie is 4 and still does that if I am trying to put her down when she is tired. HAHA!! You guys look wonderful!! I am definitely jealous..i am in desperate need of a beach trip..last time I went I was pregnant with Gracie..so its about time!!

  6. I like having all the beach pics. I’m not very jealous, although I did miss you guys on Sunday. I had to sit all by myself in church! The horror the horror!

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