Dear Children’s Place,

Thank you so much for finally coming out with your 2009 line of sunglasses.
I cannot express to you how happy you made a little girl.
And how happy you made a Mommy, who can quit fixing and re-fixing, finding and re-finding and stealing teeny tiny screws out of other items to make this same, sad, old pair of sunglasses survive until this blessed moment.
Because sunglasses that you buy for $2.50 are not made to last more than one season. And I’m okay with that.

But because of that fact, I would really appreciate it if you could carry sunglasses all year ’round.

After all, you must keep in mind your clientele, and that they are a particularly finicky little bunch, and may very well have a complete obsession with wearing sunglasses and mittens at all times, indoors or out, no matter how hard it may make simple tasks.
So if you could please change the status of these items from “season specific merchandise” to “necessities”, I would greatly appreciate it.

Because, you see, while you were not carrying sunglasses and on one of the longer “I’m going missing” stints of last year’s sunglasses, I paid $5.99 to buy a pair of sunglasses from Target.
And she hated them. And begged for “other glasses, pleeeeese”.

Because even at this young age, they already know the brands they prefer.

And she prefers her $2.50 Children’s Place glasses, thankyouverymuch.

A Mom of a Two-Year-Old Fashionista.
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34 thoughts on “Un-Wordless Wednesday: The Importance of Accessories.

  1. Oh, I adore baby girl sunglasses pix. I have one of my daughter showing her looking over the top of the glasses like a librarian. Too cute!

  2. She might have a future at QVC….selling sunglasses. (Ha Ha) She is so adorable. Great photos.

    I’m having another gift-a-way that ends this Saturday. Feel free to stop by and get your name in on the drawing.

  3. She is too cute. I don’t know which one I love the most? The sunglasses or her too cute outfit. I love these pictures.

  4. I wish I could get my little one to keep his sunglasses on like that! He prefers to bend, throw or eat them! Very cute pictures you’ve taken.

  5. She is too cute in her sunglasses! I can’t believe how cheap they are at TCP, I had no idea.

  6. rofl! We have so many pairs of sunglasses here! One for each kiddo.
    Great pictures of the mittens, btw. Adorable.

  7. Oh how funny! And really people wear sunglasses all year round. It is sunny even when the ground is covered in snow.

  8. I bought Eli a pair from CP a few weeks ago and he looks super cute in them (although he’s not as big of a fan of wearing them as Ali).

  9. I feel like a bad mama now. I never buy my kids sunglasses because I cannot even keep track of my own! Thanks for sharing your super cute girl though

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