After my Axiomatically Bombastic post, I’ve had several people ask me how Ali’s Sunday Word project was going, so I decided to give you an update.

Because I’m thoughtful like that.

The week after A.B., her phrase was “Liberality Equals Generosity”. I’m not sure if it wasn’t difficult enough for her to appreciate the challenge, or if one of her friends bit her right before she left Sunday School, but she gave me nuthin’ that week.

The week after that, one of our Youth Pastors, John Pond, spoke. Although his message was great, he didn’t use a single bombastically large word.

Then the week after that, we were out of town, and the week after that, Pastor Walls didn’t use any good words!! I was shocked and left to wonder what had gone wrong.

Had he not gotten a good enough breakfast? No motivating Krispy Kremes?

Did the dog eat his dictionary?

Or had he heard about my game and decided to not play along?

But alas, the third week of no vocab challenge came to pass.

Then came this week. Oh, this week was full of awesome words. So many that I had to narrow it down from all of the choices that Amanda, Chris and I caught. But I landed on the phrase “Normative Immutibility”. I liked the sound of it, and I thought that Ali might approve as well, and boy did she.

When we got to lunch, however, my Economics-degreed brother told me that those two words didn’t go together AT ALL and it made NO SENSE.

Obviously, he is missing the point of this exercise. Who ever said anything about making sense???

But, since I knew you would want to know, here are the definitions:

Normative: of or pertaining to a norm, esp. an assumed norm regarded as the standard of correctness in behavior, speech, writing, etc.

Immutability: unchangeable; changeless; Not subject or susceptible to change.

So Normative Immutability would be something that was unsusceptible to change in a normal sort of way.

Makes sense to me, don’t you think? Maybe God is the only one who actually has N.I., but I still think it works.

So, without further ado, our training session:

And, of course, it wouldn’t be complete without the outtakes:

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  1. All you need to do now is teach her to spell those big words and she'll the be the National Spelling Bee champion some day! : )

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