Giveaway Jubilee: Gorgeous Pottery AND Lessons!!!

From the time that I was a little girl and we went to Tannehill to watch her demonstrations, I have always been amazed and in awe of my Aunt Tena Payne’s exquisite pottery abilities.

She has taken a hobby that she picked up in High School and turned it into a world class brand of artisan dinnerware, Earthborn Pottery. Her dishes now serve the cuisine of 5-star restaurants, resorts, lodges, and country clubs across the country including Sensi at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, Ozumo in San Francisco, Hot and Hot Fish Club here in Birmingham, Sushi Samba in New York, Chicago, Miami, and Las Vegas, and many others.

Earthborn Pottery is organic by nature and by design, standing out amidst the ‘round & white’ monopoly of tabletop merchandise. Each piece is created individually by hand, and so is completely unique.

All materials used in the pottery process are taken straight from the earth, rearranged, and subjected to the heat of the kilns to produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind totally functional pieces. The product has been tested for quality and safety. The clay is durable and the abrasive-resistant glazes are industrial dishwasher safe. This pottery can be used in the microwave and oven when pre-heated under hot tap water. The product is beautiful, original, and restaurant sturdy.

And now, thanks to Tena’s generosity, you can enter to win a three-piece set of her dinnerware, valued at $130!To enter this giveaway, go to the Earthborn Studios website and look around at the products. Come back here and tell me which piece is your favorite, and you’ll be entered! Be sure to leave an email address if I don’t already have a way to contact you.

However, there is another giveaway as well, specifically for local (Birmingham area) readers: Tena is also the co-owner of Cahaba Clay Works, which is a completely unique facility in Leeds aimed to allow people to learn how to create pottery, and to develop a sense of passion for pottery in the community.

They have once a week, six-week classes where they teach you how to use a potter’s wheel, firing, glazing, as well as many other intricate details of their craft. These are awesome classes for adults or teenagers alike.

They are giving away one six-week class, which includes all glazes, firing, instruction, and use of tools and equipment. This is a $175 value!! And you are sure to get some magnificent handmade pieces out of your lessons!

This would be a WONDERFUL elective for homeschool students (ages 12 and up). In fact, CCW is working towards setting up parent/child classes to cater to the homeschool community – be sure to ask Tena about these if you are interested.

To enter the CCW Class giveaway, just include in your comment for the pottery giveaway that you are local (or would be willing to travel to attend) and would like to be entered to win the Pottery Class giveaway.

These giveaways will be open until Monday, March 16th. The winners will be randomly selected and announced by 3pm on Tuesday, March 17th.

Click here to get to a listing of the rules, to find out other ways to get entries into this contest, and a list of all of the contests for my 1st Annual Giveaway Jubilee.

Thank you, Tena, for your extremely generous giveaways!