We had our wonderful across-the-street-neighbors, Freddy and Christie, over to watch the game last night. We had a great time visiting while attempting to avoid eye contact with the horrible carnage happening in New Orleans.

One of the things we discussed was our New Year’s Eve nights. They told us that they had another couple over, who commented when they walked in, “What’s up with your neighbors?!? It looks like they got overrun by a swarm of Minivans!!”.

Now we all know the minivan stigma. You know, loaded down with kids, no fun, total “Mommy and Daddy” mode.

But, for the record,

Who went to sleep before midnight?

That would be the couple with no minivan and no kids.

And whose last guests pulled away in their minivan at 2:15AM?

Uh huh. Minivanners can have fun too.

Not that I’m ready to take on that stigma myself, but I’m just sayin’. . .

Minivanners everywhere, Unite!! (I would do the minivanner’s gang symbol here, but since I’m not in the club yet, I don’t know it.)

3 thoughts on “The View From Across the Street

  1. The symbol would be holding up your 2 index fingers, and then crossing them in a “plus” sign – as in 2+ kids, ’cause that’s the requirement before you’re allowed in the minivan club – I mean, gang.
    Yeah, you can have a minivan with just one kid, but you’re not an official minivanner until you have 2 (kids that is, not minivans), and you don’t have any real pull in the gang until you have at least 3. :)

  2. I personally am really jealous of the great friends and wonderful times you are having with the mini-vaner (new word?)set. You and Chris have been very blessed where it counts.LYB, k

  3. Eek – I hope J.C. doesn’t read this post. I’ve been trying to convince him for weeks that he won’t look like “that guy” (you know, the whipped lifeless married man) if we get a minivan. I want one really bad! Trying to get two babies in carseats in and out of a car horrifies me.

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