I’ve never understood the parting of hair. As a child, it confused me greatly. Apparently, crooked parts were a pet peeve of my Mom’s, and so she was always telling me to “go fix your part!”. Since I didn’t know how, I would just go look in the mirror, brush my hair straight back, and miraculously it would somehow fall into a straighter line than in which it started.

Enough to satisfy Mom, anyway.

She also used to tell me that I had a double crown, and that my Great-Grandmother said that everyone that had a double crown in our family was rich. First of all, I had no idea what a double crown was (I’m still not too sure, but I THINK it means that I have two circles on the back of my head), but I always liked thinking as a kid that I was “destined” to be rich.

I’ll let you know if that happens.

Anyway, I’m still not the world’s greatest hair parter. My bangs never want to cooperate with where my hairdresser showed me to part my hair for optimal style, so I’m constantly licking my fingers and sticking them back into place (I know, spit is super expensive hair “product”. But if the product doesn’t work, ya gotta resort to what you have with you!). Every now and then, they actually work right and it never fails that someone asks if I got my hair cut or if I’m doing something different with my hair. I have to admit that no, today was just the one day my hair decided to do what it was supposed to do!

Ali also has a parting quirk. In the morning, her hair is parted on the left side, with all of her bangs swooping to the right. I put her bow in to keep her increasingly-growing-longer bangs out of her eyes. At naptime, I take her bow out. When she wakes up, her hair is always the opposite. It is parted on the right with all of her bangs swooping to the left. So, alas, her bow goes on the other side of her head.

In fact, you might can even tell if a picture was pre or post naptime by where her bow is in her hair. I went back into my picture archives, and was actually able to find illustration (believe it or not, it took a while to find two pictures in the same day on either side of her nap):

Alas. . .quirky parts run in the family.

2 thoughts on “Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

  1. Crooked parts are the bane of my existence, too, with my boys’ hair anyway. I rather like a “messy” part for my own hair, although I can’t make it look like my hairdresser does either. And of course, Amy Beth doesn’t have enough hair to do anything with. Well actually, I did have to brush her hair after her bath this morning!!! Otherwise, it would have dried sticking straight up.

  2. We have a few “cowlicks” in the family to contend with. And I thought you might appreciate this hair term that my husband made up. He calls it a “tweak”. That’s when men or boys have the problem with all of the hair in the back on the baseline of their head going to one side no matter which hair product they use or how they brush it. If I ever take a picture of it, I’ll make sure I point it out. LOL

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