So back in July, I pledged to try and use my most hated beauty item, face cream, after we took Ali’s 18 month pictures and I was horrified of the aging that I had done in 6 months. I promised to report back to you and let you know if it made me look 10 years younger.

Now I will admit that I wasn’t as loyal to my new regimen as I tried to be. As I hate face cream with a vengeance, I would “conveniently” get out of the habit of using it. However, I did get a little better after Barkley sent me that wonderful lotion that wasn’t oily, but I still wasn’t a daily user.

However, here are my results:

Here was my picture in January of ’08:
And my picture in July of ’08 that horrified me because of my addition of a whole bunch of eye wrinkles:
And my picture in January ’09:

I don’t know. Maybe a little better. But the improvement may be completely attributable to the time of year. In July I had been out in the sun a lot, had lots of freckles, and my skin was probably more damaged than usual. But maybe it helped. . . a little.

I promise not to quit using my lotions just because I don’t look 10 years younger. (That sentence should have read with quite a bit of reluctance and dread.)

3 thoughts on “10 Years Younger? No. . . but maybe 10 Months Younger.

  1. Who knows…you may have just been tired that day, or dehydrated, or the sun (like you said), or a whole bunch of other things that can affect your skin. BUT, you are not excused from a skincare regimen! Use what you want and do it as often as you can. Any little bit helps and I promise you will notice when you are 50!!!! Love you!

  2. So many things can affect your skin. And like the previous commenter said, when you hit 50 you’ll be glad for what you did when were 20, 30 and 40.

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