I have lots of pictures of Birthday activities to share with you once I have the chance to get them all together, but we are quite busy playing with a whole bunch of birthday toys this morning. Chris and I, that is. We’re letting Ali play with one or two, though.

For now, here is my traditional comparison of Ali’s pictures with mine and Chris’ at the same age (15 months and 18 months).

So here is me at my 2 year old birthday party, then Ali, then Chris at 2:
What do you think? I still think she looks more like me, but everyone else always says that she looks JUST LIKE her Daddy (sigh). Will I ever get any credit??

Also, here are her stats (I know, boring, but this is mostly for my record-keeping):
Weight: 29 lbs 8 oz; 80th Percentile
Height: 34 1/2 “; 75th Percentile
Head: 51 cm; >97th Percentile (at least her head isn’t off the chart anymore!!)

And, last but not least, Ali is standing here reminding me that she wanted to wish three special blogosphere friends a belated happy birthday that shared hers.

OK, maybe she is standing here begging to see pictures and petting me on the hand, but close enough. Anyway, Happy belated same-birthday-as-Ali to:

Braaten at Joy in the Journey!!

Stephanie at Adventures in Babywearing!!
Jackson at 5 Minutes for Mom!!!

4 thoughts on “Birthday Stats

  1. Your hair was sooo long for a two year old. As far as looks, she definately has Chris’ eyes (I hope not the way he see though) but, the rest is Rachel. LYB, k

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