As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love Alabama, how about 75 degrees and sunny, with a wonderful breeze on DECEMBER 27th?!?!

I love it. And I love it even more that next week, it will probably be in the 30’s again. The best part of Alabama winters is that you never have the chance to get too tired of the cold, or too tired of it not being cold.

We have this great wishy-washy wintertime that goes back and forth from fall to winter all winter long.

So we took advantage of the beautiful day and got outside:
When we were almost back from our bike ride, Chris called up ahead to me and said, “Ali’s saying “Zippy Day, Zippy Day!!” over and over and I have no idea what that means! Any clue?”

I was thrilled to know that Ali “got it” too. She realized what a gem of a day it was. So, at her request, I sang the song for her:

Zippity doo dah,
Zippity day.
My oh my what a beautiful day.
Plenty of Sunshine,
Headed my way.
Zippity doo dah,
Zippity day!!

5 thoughts on “A Perfectly Zippy Day

  1. I have not been at a computer since last Tuesday night and I have miised so much it makes me sad. I may have to be there next Christmas Day. I am reallly envious and that is not good. I loved your Thankful Thursday, it is what we all need to read and remember. I laughed out loud at the pic of Chris in the background trying to figure out Thomas and then the next one of everyone. I am very sad to have missed this family time, although Leo’s Mom did need us there. All the pics from Weds forward are great. Have heart we just got home and hour ago and all I wanted to do was get to your blog, I have not unpacked one thing. Love Ya’ll, k

  2. wow! 75 degrees. i’m in north carolina visiting family and it’s pretty warm here, but rainy. we’ll be back in alabama tomorrow, but i’m kind of hoping it will be back to winter by the time i’m get there. :)

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