Chris’ Aunt and Uncle, Kitty and Leo, are staying with us this weekend so that we can “do Christmas” with them. Ali is in complete heaven. She’s been jumping around saying such things as “CITING!!” and “HAVING FUN!!” all day.

Ali pulled Kitty into my office this morning to “play dough” with her. We made blankets, which Ali completely covered herself with to “keep warm”:
Then we took K&L to the McWane Center today to experience Ali’s favorite-of-late places.

Ali and I played the piano together:And oddly enough, Ali was afraid of one of her favorite exhibits today. . .
Then again, maybe not so oddly. Kitty and Leo are pretty scary in blue.

Ali played dodgeball,
Ali and Chris played Volleyball,
And Ali and I played the drums.
Saturday afternoon, Nana and Papa came over to join us to celebrate Christmas with K & L:
Ali waited patiently to open presents:
. . . mainly because until tonight, I’m not quite sure that she fully realized the excitement to come. From here on out, she may not be so patient.

She opened her new kitchen:
And although the box was interesting, she didn’t really “believe” that she got a kitchen until later in the evening after Leo and Chris had already been putting it together for a few minutes. She hadn’t really noticed, and then I told her, “Chris and Leo are putting together your new kitchen!”. She looked over at them, then looked at me with wide eyes and a slowly opening mouth of complete amazement. I so wish I had gotten a picture – it was a beautiful moment!!

She also opened other presents:
New jewelry. Just was a girly-girl needed – especially since she was so desperate for new jewelry, she was making a “ring” at dinner out of the skin of her hot dog. Pearls look much better that hot dog skin.
Kitty complained that we got “un-rippable” wrapping paper:
Ali also received a crayon apron. TOO cute!! She wore it proudly all night:
Ali viewing the chaos:
Playing on the box is just as good until Leo finishes reading the directions:
And once it was together, Ali couldn’t have been more thrilled with her new kitchen!!
(As am I. I believe that this will greatly aid me in dinner preparation!! She was totally enraptured with her kitchen for a very LONG period of time. I can’t wait!!)
Ali always pretends to talk to Papa on the phone. It was much more convenient when sitting right next to him!
She had fun laughing with Papa:
And then resting, as it was way past her bedtime, but she wasn’t ready to give up on all of the fun:
It was a fun night, but I was ready to put my feet up after all of that festiviousness!!

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