Hi there. I know it’s Saturday afternoon for you, but it’s Friday night for me. Because, you see, I will be in Tuscaloosa from early Saturday morning to late Saturday night. And I’m really beat from the day and don’t have much to say, and so since she did so good on Thursday, I thought I’d let Ali have another blog. So here are two discussions we had on the way to dinner tonight:

We told her that she was going to stay at Gramamma and Pop’s tomorrow, and of course she was elated. She did her new “thrill squeal” followed by “CITING!!!!!!!” (in case you need a translation, what she is trying to articulate is “EXCITING!!”).

So we were talking through everything she’d get to do and see at Gramamma and Pop’s, including chickens and getting eggs and tractors and walks, and then we talked about “Pop’s Old Car”.
She squealed again and said:
“Ride Pop’s old car!!!. . . . .
Pop Fast!!

Errr. . .Dad? How fast have you been taking her?

Ali and I have been having a lot of discussions about boys and girls lately. I’m not sure that she gets the concept at all. I know that she knows that there is a difference, but I don’t think she knows that the description of that difference is “boy” and “girl”. So I try to run the list of people often, asking her if they are a boy or girl to help drive home the concept. But obviously, she is still struggling. So tonight, when she brought it up (incorrectly again), I jumped on the opportunity for a learning moment. Here is how our conversation went:

Ali: “Daddy big girl!!”
Me: “No, Daddy is a BOY!!”
Ali: “Daddy boy.”
Me: “What about Mommy?”
Ali: “Mommy guuuurl”.
Me: “Good! How about AJ?”
Ali: “AJ guuuuurl.”
Chris: “Good!! How about Pop?”
Ali: “Pop Boy.”
Chris: “That’s right! How about Gramamma?”
Ali: “Gramamma boy.”
Chris: “No, Gramamma is a girl. How about Eli?”
Ali: “Eli Boy!!”
Me: “That’s right!! How about Lindsay?”
Ali: “Lindsay toots!!!”

Sorry Lindsay. Apparently she took a sharp turn from the “Boy/Girl” conversation to her formerly favorite conversation topic. Not sure why it had to happen to you, but, alas, it did.

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